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    Price Drop Koaloha Tenor Acacia Opio Ukulele - KTO-10

    GLWS. I have one strung in low G and it is great.
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    Least expensive good sounding & playing baritone Uke?

    I have that same Kala baritone (newest version) and agree that it definitely punches above its weight. For the price it’s very good, with good fit and finish and tone for the price point.
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    Help with first major purchase (500-800$, Tenor, low G)

    I’ll second the Opio. I have a tenor in low g and like it a lot. Listen to sound samples. The Koaloha and Opios have a somewhat scooped mid tone sound profile which may or may not fit your playing style.
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    New to ukulele and the site

    Welcome to UU from northern Nevada! You might want to check out Reno Uke Fest this year in October. It was a lot of fun last year and looks like it will be this year too. Tickets are already on sale.
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    Hello all from Pgh PA

    That would be Philly…
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    Hello all from Pgh PA

    Welcome! What size uke are you playing? I grew up in the Burgh way back when…
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    Low G Stringing Low G

    The knot on the saddle looks fine to me
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    Your Best, Favorite, and Most Played Ukuleles

    I’ve been able to keep UAS at bay, mostly cause there isn’t a uke store nearby. I see the beauties on the Marketplace and drool though. My Kanile’a K-1 in high G and Opio in low g (both tenors) are favorite, best and most played of the few I have. The wood on the K-1 is the prettiest and I can...
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    You’re never too old to learn!

    Welcome! It’s easy to get overloaded with all the stuff online today. I will second Cadia’s recommendations. Sample what’s out there and see what fits your style. I dabbled in the various sites and realized there was TOO much out there for me and I couldn’t stay focused. :) Definitely check...
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    New member.

    Welcome Enrique!!
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    Craig and Sarah Live Steams

    I have watched them if I like the topic. They’re worth the time. They have some good concerts w various artists too.
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    My Open Mic Experience

    Nicely done sir.
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    My Ultimate Travel Ukulele

    Very cool. Nicely done with an interesting look. Rough framing carpentry is the best I can muster so always impressed with luthier efforts.
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    String spacing KoAloha vs. Kanile'a tenor

    I went through a similar search a while back as there are no shops that carry K brands near me. Went with a Koaloha and was happy with it. Now that I have been playing a while and have a better educated ear, I have been really liking the more balanced Kanile’a sound for the style I have been...
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    Greetings From East Tennessee

    Welcome! What a great story and a serendipitous find for you. I also have an inexpensive Leolani tenor from TUS that I bought for traveling and it has some of the best playability and value out there.
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    Guitar to uke

    Welcome!! Don't forget about baritone uke if you come from guitar. It is typically tuned like the 4 highest strings on guitar (DGBE). I play Bari and tenor.
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    New from San Diego, CA

    Welcome!! Just dug out from about 18” of Sierra cement snow and supposed to be 9 degrees tonight. What I wouldn’t give to be on the patio somewhere in the Gaslamp District with an adult beverage!
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    UkeLogic squeaks

    Haven’t heard that before or experienced it myself. I live in a pretty dry climate. Only thing I can think of is humidity or hand soap or lotion being used?
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    Ukulele tutorials with unique techniques

    Welcome Devin! Looks like some interesting stuff.
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    Huge thanks to Tim for becoming a Mod!

    Thank you Tim!