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  1. jimavery

    TRS No - TS Yes

    That's how it should work (and how I use it). The manual says... STEREO/MONO inputs can accept either stereo line-level signals (5/6 and 7/8 stereo pairs), or a mono signal (5L and 7L for mono line-level sources, 6R and 8R for mono Hi-Z signals from guitars and basses.) There is also a...
  2. jimavery

    What pickup do you use on the sopranos?

    I just use a passive undersaddle pickup and use a tuner pedal then a compression pedal to tame the piezo. Power to the pedals is from a USB battery pack via a MyVolts Ripcord.
  3. jimavery

    Happy Birthday Harley Benton

    I've not tried any of their instruments yet, but I've bought loads of their ukulele strings which are amazing value (if you're after lighweight nylon strings for a soprano that is).
  4. jimavery

    octave up GCEA on a Soprano?

    Hey, that sounds fabulous! Thank you so much for persevering with this. It sounds just so satisfying a strum with that wide range. I want one! And I hope you get better soon.
  5. jimavery

    Why so many Tenors?

    A fair while I think. When I bought my first ukulele in the late 1980s, the only one in the shop was an inexpensive and plain looking soprano. I played that for a couple of years, then abandoned playing until about 2002, by which time the renewed popularity of ukuleles of all sizes seemed well...
  6. jimavery

    octave up GCEA on a Soprano?

    I think I was indeed wrong. I just checked the Aquila website and it seems they offer two sorts of strings for the iUke, one of which is for GCEA "piccolo" tuning. So those may give you the tuning you're after on an iUke. They won't help you get that tuning on a (much longer scale) soprano...
  7. jimavery

    octave up GCEA on a Soprano?

    I seem to recall that when the Aquila iUkes were first produced a while ago, they were advertised as being an octave up from a baritone (DGBE). I bought one a couple of years ago and still felt that was right, although I didn't keep the stock strings on long because I restrung it left-handed...
  8. jimavery

    New Member,looking for players.

    Welcome Ken. Sounds great.. If only I could relocate to Kent!
  9. jimavery

    Seeking fingering advice for lefty playing right-handed ukulele

    No, unfortunately Ortega who have (I reckon) the best selection of good value and well made left-handed models don't have a left-handed baritone. They do extend to the other end of the size spectrum with their keiki sopranino though. I hope they're reading this thread!
  10. jimavery

    Seeking fingering advice for lefty playing right-handed ukulele

    There are a few compromises worth mentioning about playing a right-handed uke upside down regardless of whether you restring it lefty too. Things that can end up not where you want them are... Sound port Preamp controls and electronic tuner Cutout 1/4" instrument lead jack So for the most part...
  11. jimavery

    Nothin' Quite Like a "Mic'd Up" Uke

    I agree mic sounds best, but practically I prefer to plug in. It took me a while to find a decent way to tame the piezo quack though. I now use a cheap compression pedal which also gives me some control over the tone before the sound goes into my acoustic amp (via some other pedals if I need...
  12. jimavery

    "Sweet Georgia Brown" on martin-esque Brüko rosewood

    Fabulous! Your mahogany uke has a much more rounded tone than my maple Brüko soprano. I agree, they really shine in ADF#B tuning.
  13. jimavery

    Why are people so afraid of Music Theory?

    Neat! By the logo it looks like it came from Search their blog for "rhythm" to learn a little more. They sell a great selection of ukulele sheet music too.
  14. jimavery

    Under discussion A Uke Challenges Board?

    I recall enjoying a series of challenges pabrizzer posted themed around major and minor keys a while ago. That used the existing Contests board and complemented the Seasons nicely.
  15. jimavery

    Closed Is There a Way To Save Your Favourite Threads?

    You can bookmark the first (or any) post in the thread (icon at top right of the post next to the share icon). To find your bookmarks, click on your avatar at the top of the page.
  16. jimavery

    Why are people so afraid of Music Theory?

    I'm not afraid; I'd rather just play my ukulele.
  17. jimavery

    Encore banjo ukulele at my local auction house (in Corsham, Wiltshire, UK)

    I've been outbid on this one, just posting this here in case anyone thinks it's worth more than I do and fancies a punt on it. Probably only worth bidding if you're local enough to pick it up in person though
  18. jimavery

    Beginner ukulele lessons from my local arts centre.

    My local arts centre have started producing a series of free ukulele lessons online. They seem to be really keen at the moment to get people making music. Do take a look if you have a minute or two.
  19. jimavery

    Poll: Chord sheet preferences

    I like mine inline as chord diagrams so I don't have to remember what tuning I'm in. Also there are so many chords that can have more than one name. This way all I need to remember when playing are the shapes. It's a bit more work marking up songs in this way, but way easier to play if the...
  20. jimavery

    Red Bandits playing Christmas Lights Switch-On, Corsham, Wiltshire, UK Fri 7th Dec

    The ukulele band I play rhythm ukulele with, Red Bandits will be playing to support the switching on of the Christmas lights in Corsham on 7th of December. Watch this space or check local press to confirm time and location.