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    New Uke Day (NUD) NUD: Enya Nova U Soprano 21"

    It is strange that the intonation would be off on the Enya. I have the soprano, and also the Nova Go guitar, and have been seriously impressed with the workmanship of both. It's not clear to me if the bridge is molded with the top or if it's glued separately. With the finish, it's impossible to...
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    Zero Frets - cure all for inonation, or just dumb?

    Yes, any luthier will tell you that a zero fret doesn't do anything that a properly built and adjusted nut can't do. Ever ask a luthier how often an instrument is bought with a properly built and adjusted nut already installed? Retrofitting a zero fret is possibly more trouble, and trickier...
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    Low G on an Enya Nova? Seeking String Advice

    I have a black soprano and use a Fremont low G. However, I lowered the action by filing the (non-removable) saddle. For whatever reason, I found the saddle out of the box to have an unusually high breakover angle, along with higher than necessary action. With the lowered saddle and not much in...
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    Mini electric, E string breakage?

    How many windings are left on the peg after the string breaks? If there are windings left, can you determine if it's breaking where it crosses over a hole?
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    Enya Nova GO Guitar

    I just got one of these a few days ago. I am very impressed with the sound, playability, manufacturing and engineering. The body is about the size of a Les Paul, just deeper. Though it's still quite thin for an acoustic. Despite the small volume capacity of the body, it belts out an impressive...
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    Electric guitar-a-lele

    I play several mini electric guitars. These have scale lengths between 18.5 (470mm) and 20.5" (520mm). They are tuned to normal E. I use a generic .013-.056 set, sometimes with a plain .024" G string. And they play... fine. I'm quite enamored with very short scaled guitars, and have been since I...
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    The Guitalele, Mini, Kiku, Ukitar, Guilele, "Six course small bodied instruments" thread

    The question was about the possibility of a guitelele sized instrument with standard guitar tuning. I've shown that it is not impossible. However, a Ibanez EWP will still need conversion, at the very least at the nut, to accommodate the heavier strings, and likely at the bridge/saddle for...
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    The Guitalele, Mini, Kiku, Ukitar, Guilele, "Six course small bodied instruments" thread

    Funny you should say this. I have a Harley Benton GL2NT (curious model name, no?), which seems to be a pretty close copy of the Yamaha GL1, and have been eyeing it as a steel string conversion in the same vein of the Gewa. There's a bigger challenge than with the Gewa. First is that the scale...
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    The Guitalele, Mini, Kiku, Ukitar, Guilele, "Six course small bodied instruments" thread

    I've had a minor obsession with very short scaled, normally tuned, guitars for a couple years now. My $.02 sez if it's tuned up a minor third or higher, adding the "lele" is fair game. My instruments are tuned to normal E, so I just call them guitars, or maybe little guitars. The smallest is an...
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    I feel guilty.

    I have one of those. Extremely tiny. Scale length is about 10.25"/260mm. It's reasonably well made. I tune it to dgbe, one octave higher than guitar. Though I've considered going mandolin tuning, as a sort of "melody priority" instrument, as I tend to treat uke tuning as "chordal". Since the...
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    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    You should leave one out in the rain, and show us how durable it is. I've seen wooden picnic tables and furniture left out in the rain to become notably damaged. Warpage, delamination, cracking, etc. There's no reason that a far more delicately made object under tension, like a wooden uke...
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    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    Indeed. One reason I bought it was the reputation. Was terribly disappointed, despite its low cost. It's puzzling how the bridge ended up being placed about 1/8" too close to the fingerboard. The action was also too high. Even if the intonation had been perfect, it was impossible to lower the...
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    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    This appears to be the same one. They're also sold in black, though they seem to cost a few bucks more. They're also branded as Aklot sometimes. More info: the fretboard markers are decals that lie in shallow moulded depressions. I removed them and made side dots with white paint. The saddle...
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    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    I bought a really cheap Kmise plastic uke, and it turned out to be the one I go to for pretty much all soprano playing. It was just good, intonation, sound, playability. The only thing I changed were the bizarre plastic geared tuners, with friction Grovers. The plastic gears didn't fail, just...
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    Hello from Santa Monica, CA

    I'm Tim, a new member and plucker of 30 years. Happy to be on board.