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  1. sitkaspruce84

    Mumford abd Sons??

    Does anyone know any mumford songs? I know they play a uke in quite a few of em...?
  2. sitkaspruce84

    John Bulter's Groovin' Slowly..need some help here

    I am trying to figure out JBT's Groovin Slowly, is it tunned differently? What are the cords, dosen't seem like there are to many.. Any help!? Thanks!
  3. sitkaspruce84

    New Strings..?

    I have a Kala Concert uke and it really needs new strings. I want to buy some quality strings but am a bit confused on what kind to get for my uke. Any help?
  4. sitkaspruce84

    Hello from AK!

    I am a new member to UU and am loving the site, such an awesome resource! I live in Sitka Alaska and have been playing the uke for about 4 mo. Not long but can't put it down and am picking it up pretty fast (thanks to UU). I would really like to figure out how to play bluegrass with the uke. My...