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    Free Kmise Baritone -- Closed with New Owner :)

    Wow, I’ve been wanting to try a baritone. I’d like it if it’s still available. Thanks, Mike

    Sold/Spruce House Ukulele Soprano

    Spruce House Soprano Ukulele. Like new condition. Custom handmade in USA. Solid Sapele top, back, sides. Fretboard, bridge African Rosewood. Handrubbed oil varnish finish. $125 Shipping within the lower 48 $23.50. Sorry no international shipping. Free local pickup in Melbourne, Florida.

    WTB Friction Tuners For 1950s Yasuma Tenor Set or Single

    I have 3 original friction tuners for my Yasuma Tenor. Looking for a single close match or similar set of 4. Thanks!

    FS Book/CDs-Famous Solos/Duets John King, V Vox songbook, 2 Vox CDs

    Book-Famous Solos/Duets arranged by John King, CD included Book-Victoria Vox Original Songbook Vox CDs: The Jumping Flea, Chameleon $25 Shipped. Sorry no international shipping. Best for the New Year! Mike

    Fs republic concert ukulele resonator metal body

    For sale: Republic metal body concert ukulele. There is a small area of discoloration on body by the cover plate (see photo). Otherwise excellent condition. $285 shipped in the lower 48. Sorry no international shipping.

    For sale used cordoba tenor cutaway

    Used Cordoba Tenor cutaway model 20TM-CE. Nice condition, strung with high G. The pickup is not working. The E string tuner gets abit tight just about when tuned up to pitch. Been that way since I bought 5-7 years ago. Never been an issue, just full disclosure. Now $95 shipped within lower 48.

    WTB Friction Tuners for 1950s Yasuma Tenor Single or Set

    Looking for decent set or single friction tuners. I have 3 complete originals and would be interested in a single tuner that was similar or set of 4 of decent quality. Thanks! Mike

    WTB Used Inexpensive Beginner Ukuleles -All sizes

    Need several used beginner inexpensive ukes. All sizes considered. If you have one or several not getting played, under $75 with shipping included would like to hear from you. Thanks, Mike

    WTB Mike For Recording As Learning Tool

    Heard recording yourself is a great learning tool. If using my IPad and something like Garage Band work for this? Any recommendations for a good app and mike appreciated. Thanks, Mike

    Recording Equipment As Learning Purposes

    Have heard recording yourself is a great learning tool. If using my iPad.... would Garage Band and a decent mike get me there? Any other apps and mike recommendations appreciated. I travel so a compact mike might be best for me. Thanks, Mike

    WTB USED Concert or Tenor

    WTB used Concert or Tenor. Cosmetics not an issue. Like to keep it under $150. Strum on, Mike

    WTB Used Solid Top Tenor

    Looking for a used solid top tenor. Cosmetics not an issue. Thanks, Mike

    WTB Used, Inexpensive Concert or Soprano with ASAP Shipping

    Hi, Looking for a used inexpensive concert or soprano. In the $75/under range. Need to be able to ship right away upon payment. Going on holiday and looking for a uke to travel with that doesn't mind getting knock around abit. Camping/hiking, etc. Scratches, dings, no problem. Long as it plays...

    WTB Used Tenor Low to Mid Range Price

    Friend of mine is looking for a used tenor. As she is just getting started in the world of ukeism, told her I would help in locating a beginner uke. Looking in the $150 range and below. Something that pretty much is ready to to play, needing no work except maybe new strings. Have something in...

    FS: Mele Braddah Mahogany Soprano with case

    Photo/Binding There was question about the binding in previous photos. Attached a better one to show the area. Looks like maybe it wasn't sanded smooth before adding the finish coat. There is no crack in the finish and can not feel anything w/ finger. Strum on! Mike

    FS: Republic Concert Metal Body Resonator

    ++++++SOLD++++Republic classic concert bell brass resonator. Style 604. Details available at It's like brand new. Bone nut,maple saddle, rosewood biscuit and nicely bound fretboard. The only flaw is a discolored area that's under the top clear coat finish by the outside edge...

    FS: Mele Braddah Mahogany Soprano with case

    I have a Mele Braddah mahogany soprano for sale. Ebony fingerboard, bridge and ebony binding. Grover tuners work and hold well. Gosh think it even has the original Hilo strings! No major dings or chips or scratches. There is some strum wear I tried to capture in the photo, but didn't show up...

    WTB Beginner Soprano For Grandson

    5 year old grandson birthday coming up soon and ready for his first uke. Something around $40 would be perfect. A Kala dolphin or similiar would be great. So if you have a used starter soprano not getting played.....Thanks Strum on, Mike

    WTB: Entry level used Tenor or possible Concert

    Helping a friend who's looking for their first uke. Have one sitting around not getting played? Prefer tenor, but will consider a concert. Looking in the $120 or less range. Thanks, Mike

    FS: Harmony Soprano Mahogany w/ original case

    Harmony Soprano more photos