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  1. BlueInGreenUkulele

    Kamaka for sale

    I sold my Mya Moe and Kanilea from my earlier listing. I have the Kamaka still for sale. I am selling it on Reverb's buyer and seller protection seems much better than the paypal/ebay program. Please let me know if you are interested.
  2. BlueInGreenUkulele

    Kamaka, Kanilea, and Mya Moe for sale

    More information on the Kanilea I am the original owner of this ukulele. I bought from Musicguymic sometime in 2009. Model number K-1 T8. Serial number is 1008-2469. It has a great shiny finish. Looks like glass. It's strung with Aquilas. Comes with a case - not a great case (it's in...
  3. BlueInGreenUkulele

    Kamaka, Kanilea, and Mya Moe for sale

    More information on Mya Moe I am the original owner of the Mya Moe. It has Low G Mya Moe Strings. It's in excellent shape. It was finished 12/2010. Chocolate Heart Mango with Koa binding. Number 376. Also has a pickup. Has a hard shell case and strap. Also includes an extra set of...
  4. BlueInGreenUkulele

    Kamaka, Kanilea, and Mya Moe for sale

    Additional pictures of Kamaka
  5. BlueInGreenUkulele

    Kamaka, Kanilea, and Mya Moe for sale

    Here is more information on the Kamaka Ohta San Ukulele I am selling. It is a 2006 Model. It comes with a hardhsell case. Serial Number is 053312. I purchased from Elderly Instruments in 2007. I am the original owner. It's in great shape with no issues. Aquila strings. I have an...
  6. BlueInGreenUkulele

    Kamaka, Kanilea, and Mya Moe for sale

    I've decided to sell my ukulele collection and buy a hollow body electric guitar. I will probably list on Up for sale is a Kamaka Ohta San (excellent condition), Kanilea tenor (excellent condition), and Mya Moe Tenor Resonator (also excellent in Mango). Along with a Fender...
  7. BlueInGreenUkulele

    Christmas Time is Here on Mya Moe

    Here is a chord melody version of Christmas time is here on my mya moe tenor resonator. Backing track was recorded with garageband using my koaloha d-vi.
  8. BlueInGreenUkulele

    Ukulele Chords to Stella by Starlight

    I am thinking it's time to get back into learning some new songs on the ukulele. This is my attempt at the chords to stella by starlight. I created a tab of some drop-2 jazz chords to help me memorize the changes (though I am not playing the exact tab version here) . If you want guitar pro...
  9. BlueInGreenUkulele

    Black Napkins on Ukulele

    Improvising with looper pedal over Zappa's Black Napkins progression. I don't really play the melody until the end.
  10. BlueInGreenUkulele

    Move on Up - Curtis Mayfield

    Improvising with a looper pedal and ukulele. Attempting to follow the chords of Curtis Mayfield's Move on Up.
  11. BlueInGreenUkulele

    Blues in D

    Messing around with Blues in D. Two different takes. The 2nd one has a jazz turnaround in the end.
  12. BlueInGreenUkulele

    Nardis on Ukulele

    After a long break from playing, I've decided to get back into it by learning some new songs. Goal is one new song per weekend. Here is the first attempt. Nardis (written by Miles Davis).
  13. BlueInGreenUkulele

    Blues on Guitar - taking a little break from ukulele

    The ukuleles are getting a little break, but you can still see them in the background. Here is my most recent instrument - a Gibson SG
  14. BlueInGreenUkulele

    Replacing tuning pegs

    I have two concert ukes, a kamaka and a koaloha, and I dislike the tuners on both. My tenor ukes have great tuning pegs. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  15. BlueInGreenUkulele

    first trip to oahu - where should I buy a uke?

    Taking a trip to Hawaii in July (staying on Oahu). I want to buy a Hawaiian made tenor uke. Where should I buy it? Any suggestions on what brand to buy? I really like the look of Ko'olau tenors (in particular the Hawaiian Ash one). Also, does anyone know if a tenor uke case is too big...
  16. BlueInGreenUkulele

    41st annual ukulele festival in Hawaii

    So my wife booked a vacation to Hawaii in July and just so happens that we will be there for the festival. Anyone have any other must see for ukuleles while I am there?
  17. BlueInGreenUkulele

    My new mya moe ukulele

    Sounds samples of the new mya moe ukulele I received a couple of weeks ago.
  18. BlueInGreenUkulele

    Waiting on my new mya moe ukulele jam

    Here are some pictures of the new ukulele which is making its way across the country (hopefully not stuck in a snow storm). All music was improvised in two takes (one for the chords and the other for the solo) using my kepasa ukulele and garageband. I am thinking about upgrading to the...
  19. BlueInGreenUkulele

    chitlins con carne

    Messing around on a cold Sunday afternoon. This is my first attempt at playing this on uke. Let me know what you think.
  20. BlueInGreenUkulele

    EleUke Christmas Contest Entry #2 - Blue Christmas

    Can you enter more than once? I did.