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  1. Loska

    I lost my joy of playing

    This is a heavy topic, so my apologies before I start. I lost my dear mother last summer. She was so very sick for so long, and I have known for a very long time, that she will leave us too soon, but still it sneaked upon us all. I have been missing her so much and I have realized that grief is...
  2. Loska

    NUD: Ken Timms koa soprano

    Hi! My Timms uke arrived having some small marks from the wrapping. For some reason the fine paper that was wrapped around the uke got stuck to the french polish. I didn't know what to do with that issue, so I wrote to Ken. He was very nice to give an advice from his wife who polishes all the...
  3. Loska

    NUD: Ken Timms koa soprano

    My UAS is gone. When I got my Kamaka concert I fell in love with it instantly. I'm very lucky to experience that feeling again. Ken Timms koa soprano arrived yesterday morning. It is beautiful and adorable little instrument with a huge sound. The koa wood and its figure and flame is stunning...
  4. Loska

    Strings Your preference for strings on a Kamaka, and why.

    I was VERY surprised when I changed to fluorocarbons with my Kamaka, I didn't fancy those at all. It took away the sound that I adore, I quess that is the famous Kamaka sound. Mellow, sweet and very pleasant. I ordered some D'addario black nylons a week ago and I'm very pleased to hear that they...
  5. Loska

    Kiwaya KTS-4 or something else?

    Recently I have been more and more playing with an idea of getting a soprano ukulele. I would like to have an all solid wood traditional one with warm and sweet sound, with somewhat slender neck profile. At first I thought a koa soprano, like Kamaka, but as I already have two Hawaiian K...
  6. Loska

    Nylon fans, assemble!

    Are these strings, UWNY-4-CC by Ortega, familiar or any good? Package says that these were developed in cooperation with Aquila. I wonder would these suit to Kamaka as for now it lacks a bit too much warmth with Uke logics.
  7. Loska

    NUD Kamaka HF-2

    I wanted to post this NUD as I received something wonderful today, a Kamaka HF-2, the 2016 anniversary model. Few months ago I posted a question to Buying tips whether to buy a Kamaka soprano or concert. Later I was contacted by a wonderful and friendly fellow UU member who had a Kamaka concert...
  8. Loska

    WTB: Kamaka soprano (Europe)

    Have been playing with a thought of getting a good koa soprano ukulele. So if someone within Europe is thinking of selling a Kamaka soprano, please contact me via pm.
  9. Loska

    New ukulele and opening the box

    Once again a silly question. I'm about to go and collect my new ukulele from the post office. Usually when it is colder and dryer season, I'd wait for an 24 hours until I fully unbox my new ukes. But now it is summer and temperatures and the humidity are quite steady, would it be reasonable to...
  10. Loska

    Strings Kanilea String Discussion - Best Sound

    I changed my Kanile'a strings to Living Waters recently. I had high expectations as I've heard so many good things about the LWs. At first I was a bit confused - the sound was a little bit muted compared to Martin 600's and less bright. So there was no wow moment. Immediately I noticed that the...
  11. Loska

    Strings Kanilea String Discussion - Best Sound

    Thank you for this! If problems should arrive, I'll surely take it to a luthier or send it back for repairs to SUS as they suggested. I have grown very fond of my Kanile'a. Well, I'll try the Living waters soon. I'm by no means a skilled reviewer, but I'll try to report how I find the sound.
  12. Loska

    Strings Kanilea String Discussion - Best Sound

    Out of curiosity, what kind of other changes there should be when making a saddle change? There's a short story behind my Kanile'a. I purchased one before (not at SUS), and surprisingly it had so bad intonation problems that it went back. Maybe a new set of strings and a good period of time...
  13. Loska

    Strings Kanilea String Discussion - Best Sound

    Very interesting thread! My Kanile'a was purchased from SUS Uk and before shipping they carved a new saddle, lowered the action and put the Martin 600 strings on it. I have been quite happy with the intonation and sound. It is still warm, but has brightness and bell like sound too. And sustain...
  14. Loska

    WTB Kamaka or KoAloha concert, Europe

    WTB a Kamaka HF-2 or KoAloha KCM-00 concert within Europe. Please pm me if you have one looking for a new home. :)
  15. Loska

    Changing strings and pinned bridge

    I feel pretty stupid but I'm terrified of changing the strings on my pinned bridge ukulele. :uhoh: I'm afraid that I'll break the top or something as stupid. I have watched a few youtube tutorials but if there are good tips to share before I take a big breath and ruin my ukulele, I'd surely...
  16. Loska

    Lazy Sunday by Tobias Elof - just beautiful

    I came across a video where Tobias Elof played a song called Lazy Sunday and my heart stopped. I really don't remember when was the last time I heard something as beautiful. There is something about his playing, very magical and delicate. :bowdown:
  17. Loska

    Moonbird concert

    Hello you Moonbird, especially UC200 concert owners and testers! For a while ago I bumped into few wonderful reviews of Moonbirds and have been reading almost everything that I found this site. It seems to be getting a lot of good reviews and praises. So I was wondering about the sound - is...
  18. Loska

    Kamaka concert or soprano

    I'm keeping alive this dream, that maybe in the future I could buy a Kamaka ukulele. But until my bank account says yes and this lockdown is over, I can spend my time pondering which size to get - a soprano or a concert. I really do enjoy the concert size. But since the Kamaka soprano is THE...
  19. Loska

    My new ukulele arrived part 2!

    Jihaa, my new Kanile'a concert arrived yesterday evening and I have been biting my nails off. I waited for 6 hours to open the box and after 12 hours I took the case out. I had a sneak peak inside and oh boy it looks good! Within few hours I can take a good look and play it for the first time...
  20. Loska

    WTB Kamaka HF-2 concert

    I believe it is very unlikely to find a used Kamaka HF-2 concert within Europe, but one can try right? I'm looking for one within Europe. :anyone: