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  1. crisscross

    Fernando Sor-Allegretto op.44 no.2

    Played on my new Moderno Tenor made by Marco Todeschini from Antica Ukuleleria:
  2. crisscross

    Sor Andante-Two Ukulele Arrangements

    I want to present two Ukulele arrangements of Fernando Sor's Andante op.31 no.1. First, here's the guitar oiginal played on my Cordoba Mini: The first ukulele arrangement is made by Paul Mansell and found in his book Classical Uke. Like the guitar original it stays in the first position, thus...
  3. crisscross

    Gaspar Sanz-Españoleta

    One of the easier pieces in Rob MacKillop's Sanz Book:
  4. crisscross

    Aux Champs Elysées (beautifully sung, NOT spoken)

    For Season 374, the challenge was to present a song with spoken parts. I opted for a Wiliam Shatner version of the French hit "Aux Champs Elysées". But then, I asked my French internet acquaintance Ukuleleila to really sing this song. Here's the result:
  5. crisscross

    Can you tell the difference...

    ...between a koa and a mango soprano? I recorded an Andantino by Carulli with a Kanile'a koa and with a Pono mango soprano. Can you tell,which one is which Pice-wise, the Kanile'a costs 3 or 4times the cost of the Pono, but is the sound recognizably better?
  6. crisscross

    Help me make the 10000 before X-mas

    Usually, my videos get about 100 or so clicks. But there's one, that gets a little more public attention. It's the French children's song "Le Coq est mort", recorded with ukulele and tenor banjo. It already has 8600 clicks. Don't know why? But with a little luck, I will reach10000 clicks before...
  7. crisscross

    Ohana CK-52

    Hi, is there someone out there, who knows the Ohana CK-52? I'm looking for an all solid cedar topped concert-size ukulele, and the Ohana seems to be the most affordable. How does it compare to cedar topped ukuleles by Mainland, Uluru or Pono? Thanks in advance!
  8. crisscross

    Comin' thro' the Rye

    The Scottish song arranged for campanella style ukulele with some La Pompe accompaniment and solos on my Tele and my new tenor guitar.
  9. crisscross

    Three Sopranos

    I have three soprano ukuleles 1. An Ohana SK 75 R with solid spruce top amd solid rosewood back and sides. 2. A Moana UK 70 with solid cedar top and laminated back and sides 3. A solid acacia Ukumele (House brand of a shop in Berlin) With Martin fluorcarbon strings each of them plays and...
  10. crisscross

    The Blarney Pilgrim

    If you'd like to play this nice jig in Campanella style, here's the Tabs And here's what I tried to make of them
  11. crisscross

    Sin City

    You don't need a lot of chords to write a first class song. Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman demonstrated this with the Flying Burrito Brothers. "Sin City" is easily played with G, G7,C and D. Now, if only my singing was as good as Gram's and Chris'...
  12. crisscross

    Hallo! from Germany

    Hi, I'm a long time multiple stringed instrument player living in the southwest of Germany. Some two years ago, a friend called me to learn something about that "little guitar with four strings". I answered that I honestly didn't know too much about ukuleles but promised to get some information...