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    NUUD - Kala UBass

    I scored on a used Kala UBass for $150 from Craigslist. What a wonderful little beast it is! Do I play bass? NO! But it's stupidly easy to make great sounds and play notes on. I plugged it into an analog delay pedal and made freaky noises all night. I love that little beauty, and I highly...
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    My bizarre uke tone theory*

    I find the clothes I'm wearing strongly affect the tone and sustain of a uke. When I play without a shirt, ukes sound dead and somewhat muted. Presumably, the wood laying across the fat, flab of my belly resonates less, killing any sustain and chime the strings might produce, since they are...
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    The fretboard fell off my Fluke

    Has anyone had this problem? Can it just be glued back in place? It slipped out under the strings near the soundhole, still connected at the nut. I was able to reposition it, but it keeps slipping around.
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    I'm looking for a tenor uke:Mele, LoPrinzi, Donaldson??

    Hi all, I want to buy a tenor uke, and I'm researching different models. I'd love a Hawaiian, K brand even, but can't really afford one. I was just in Hawaii and played a Kanile'a and an SI, both were beautiful and sounded great, I just can't justify the price for my playing level. And I didn't...
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    String tension/tuning help - Lanikai Baritone restrung with GCEA Aquilas

    Hi, I hope this thread is in the right place. I have a Lanikai Baritone that I've restrung with an Aquila GCEA set. How tight should the strings be? I can get them in tune but they seem too low. Can someone please help? Are the strings supposed to be very tight? thanks
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    Do I need a humidifier for my ukes if I live in Los Angeles, CA?

    I now have a Kamaka, and I'll be getting a Ko-Aloha soon, and I'm wondering if I need a humidifier, living in Los Angeles, where it is not exactly dry. Does anyone have any ideas? Is it just a good idea to get humidifiers anyway? Thanks!
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    I played a KoAloha Soprano Pineapple yesterday

    Man, it was beautiful, beautiful looking, beautiful sounding, the tone so sweet it almost played itself. Now I want one so badly.
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    Is the Marketplace the first forum you visit when you come here?

    Am I the only one who checks the Marketplace first when I come to this forum? What is wrong with me?
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    Hello all!

    I bought a Kala soprano uke a few years ago, and just got into seriously playing it recently. I've upgraded to Aquila strings and it makes a huge difference in tone. I also have a Lanikai Baritone uke that I'm going to re-string and tune to standard uke tuning. I came here from one of my many...