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  1. savagehenry

    Replace geared tuners

    Has anyone ever replaced their geared tuners with friction tuners or pegheads? I have a concert that I'm thinking should loose it's geared tuners. I guess it's mostly for looks, but I have pegheads on my six string and I love them.
  2. savagehenry

    New ukulele, what's next?

    I know I'm in the market for another ukulele, aren't we all. I'm thinking that my next one will be a tenor, and I eventually want another soprano. I'm not sure what I'm going to get, I just keep trying to grow my uke fund and keep my eyes open. Are you the same way, or do you already know which...
  3. savagehenry

    My First Ukulele, Tales of True Love...

    I know that this has probably been done before but I just started reading a wonderful book called "My First Guitar, Tales of True Love and Lost Chords from 70 Legendary Musicians." It tells the story of the first guitar for people such as Jimmy Page, Les Paul, Scotty Moore and many more great...
  4. savagehenry

    Got it figured out...

    I finally have narrowed it down, I'm going to buy another soprano, a mellower tenor, or a brighter baritone. Boy it sure feels better to narrow it down... What's on your short list ?
  5. savagehenry

    Elderly Instruments Documentary

    I got an email this morning from Elderly with a link to a new documentary about their store. Really cool behind the scenes video. It's available streaming for a limited time. Really cool to see so many cool instruments, especially an entire wall of ukuleles. I want to go...
  6. savagehenry

    Cigarbox ukulele

    I played a cool cigarbox ukulele at the Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway last weekend. I really think it would make a nice clawhammer uke. I'm going to try to build a couple of concert scale with my dad. Anyone out there built a good cheap cigarbox uke? Have any tips or suggestions?
  7. savagehenry

    Southcoast Eight String set on my 6 string

    I just got a set of strings from Dirk at Southcoast Ukulele and I love them. I bought the Eight String Ukulele Set W/ Wound Strings, it comes with octave G & C strings, and double E & A. I put them on my new Sailor Brand 6 string and they sound awesome. I decided to try low G and strung it up...
  8. savagehenry

    "The One"

    I was reading a post by UUer France entitled "Give it time?" and a lot of interesting things popped up. He was saying that he had a Mya Moe that he wasn't really into. The conversation turned into that maybe it just wasn't the right ukulele for him. Many people have claimed that UAS is just...
  9. savagehenry

    Baritone haters

    Since I have been on UU, I have read many posts where someone says that a baritone is just too much like guitar. I got a baritone and like it for fingerpicking but not strumming, I felt is was too low and too much like a guitar haha. This being said, I really did like it though, but decided to...
  10. savagehenry

    New's a baritone

    My parents got me a new ukulele for my birthday on Sunday. My dad bought it in the Marketplace from a fellow UUer. I've seen them listed at Elderly: KOLOA KU-650 BARITONE UKULELE Traditional baritone ukulele, all solid woods, mahogany top, back, sides and neck, sealed gear mini guitar style...
  11. savagehenry

    Oops... I bought another ukulele

    Last week I was browsing through ebay and I ran into a ukulele that looked interesting. I had heard several comments buy UUers that owned one about how much they liked it. The starting bid was $100, so I thought why not give it a try. I bid and forgot about it, thinking that someone would...
  12. savagehenry

    Birthday Ukulele

    One of these is my new baritone ukulele and one of these is my birtday card!
  13. savagehenry

    Dolphin Buzz

    I got a Makala Dolphin to take to the beach on vacation. I hated the strings that came in it, but couldn't find any aquilas locally so I put on a set of Martins. The uke sounds great, but I have some buzzing when I fret on the first fret, I think it's buzzing on the second. No buzz on open...
  14. savagehenry


    I know this has been discussed at great length, but I'm still confused. I own all solid wood ukuleles and agree that they sound better than most laminates. What I want to know is what if you just have a solid top. Does the sides and back have that much influence on sound? How would solid sides...
  15. savagehenry

    Mmmmm Pineapple

    Got a new uke today. Mainland Long Neck Concert Pineapple. It's my first tenor scale and I'm loving it. You were all right, Mainland rocks and the rope binding looks way better in person. I couldn't be happier. Front Back Uke Family
  16. savagehenry

    1920s Martin Style 0

    SOLD 1920s Martin Style 0 SOLD I have an early Martin Style 0 that I am looking to sell or trade so I can get a tenor. Does anyone know of a dealer other than Elderly that will buy or trade for vintage ukes? It has a few issues. Thanks,
  17. savagehenry

    What's Up With Music Guy Mic?

    What's Up With Music Guy Mic? Blog posting I saw this on facebook and didn't see that anyone had posted it here. Andrew Kitakis (Hawaii Music Supply) wrote a nice blog on MGM.
  18. savagehenry

    New Uke Day

    A few more
  19. savagehenry

    New Uke Day

    I'm very excited, got a new uke this week. It's my first concert and it has a pickup! It's an Eleuke BC-50E, solid mahogany and really mellow. Loving everything about it, just can't quit playing it.
  20. savagehenry

    Dream uke

    If you knew that you could have any uke for free, what would your next uke be?