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  1. Ila

    Season 590: Dolly Appreciation Week

    Thanks for hosting, Laurie. On Dolly's album called "For God and Country" she did a cover of Tie a Yellow Ribbon. Without further ado....
  2. Ila

    SOTU 589 - Wedding Bells

    Hello, Amanda, and thank you for hosting and providing such a broad choice of submissions. I gave it a good, hard think and couldn't come up with any tune that I think more perfectly fits your theme than this one.
  3. Ila

    Season 586: Untitled

    Hi, Edwin. Thanks for stepping up to host this week. I really like this challenge. I'm submitting here a cover of one of my all-time favorite Billy Joel songs, and one that is not well known. It is called, "Summer Highland Falls."
  4. Ila

    SOTU 585 ... "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!"

    Thanks for hosting, Val. Here's one I've been meaning to cover.
  5. Ila

    SOTU 585 ... "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!"

  6. Ila

    Season 583 - Hit Me… Again!

    Exceptionally cool prize, Del! Congrats to the winners!
  7. Ila

    SOTU 584 - Death and Life (Funeral Farewells)

    Congrats on getting an Enya Nova, Edwin! It sounds great. I love mine. I actually have three, a soprano, a concert and an electric tenor. And I use them for travel all the time. I carry my uke onboard with me and stow it in the overhead bin, because even though these ukes are really, really...
  8. Ila

    SOTU 584 - Death and Life (Funeral Farewells)

    Thank you, Chris, for hosting this week. It's a wide open theme, and gave me a chance to record this song from the Broadway musical 1776. It always brought a chill to my spine and I hope I do it even a little bit of justice. Sorry if you can hear the snoring husband in the background. Let's...
  9. Ila

    Season 583 - Hit Me… Again!

    Del, thanks for hosting this season. I think this song really lends itself to the little finger shaker I have, so that's what I'm going with. I've wanted to learn this song for a while now, and this season gave me just the kick in the pants I needed to get it done. Thanks again. 👍
  10. Ila

    Season 583 - Hit Me… Again!

  11. Ila

    Sign up for future Seasons IV

    Del, you're my hero.
  12. Ila

    Season 581 - It's... Frisco, it is... Albion

    Thanks for hosting, Ylle. Here's a Tom Jones classic:
  13. Ila

    Season 580 "69 & 70"

    So sorry to hear about what's going on, Berni. But thank you for hosting, and for mentioning two of my very favorite words: "Paul Simon."
  14. Ila

    SOTU 579 That's Crackers!

    I saw this and couldn't resist.
  15. Ila

    SOTU 579 That's Crackers!

    Thanks, Sabine! Without further ado, here's my version of "Follow Me" by Uncle Kracker.
  16. Ila

    SOTU 579 That's Crackers!

    Here's another crazy song. Cover of "You Might Think" by The Cars.
  17. Ila

    SOTU 579 That's Crackers!

    Hi, Sabine, and thanks for hosting. This song was a hit in the mid-1980s for Kim Carnes. Unfortunately, I don't have anyone to do the voice of the monsters; hence, I sang both the lead and the monsters on my own. So here's my quick and dirty version of "Crazy in the Night."
  18. Ila

    SOTU 579 That's Crackers!

    Sabine, I have a question, please. What about songs by an artist that calls himself Uncle Kracker? Are those permissible? He had a hit back in 2000 that had nothing to do with being crazy, called, "Follow Me."
  19. Ila

    Season 577 - Jingles!

    Hi, Joo! Thanks for hosting and for a delightful theme. Here's a classic from the 1960s:
  20. Ila

    Season 576 - "Dirty Dancing"

    Me neither.