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    Acoustic Epiphone Masterbilt Archtop

    Has anyone played one of the Epiphone Masterbilt Archtops? They have three versions. It's definitely a different sound than a...
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    Why put this type of angle in the headstock? This not a ukulele...
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    Acoustic Guitar sales taking away from Ukulele sales?

    I noticed that several music stores in my area have let their ukulele stock dwindle. I was just in a privately owned large music store and they had very few ukuleles in stock. They had about 5 Dolphins on the wall. I'm thinking these were orderd for Christmas. There were no tenors or...
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    Excellent video for advance players

    I came across the video while working on my guitar but the ideas work the same for ukulele. This is Joe Pass describing how to play chord melody and the idea of movement in music. There are many good things that he discusses and is well worth the time to watch. He also discusses learning...
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    Should you trust a ukulele review?

    I saw this topic on a guitar forum. It was about how unreliable reviews can be as the price of the guitar goes up. I thought about all the nice ukes that have been showing up in the marketplace. As the price of a uke goes, should you take the review more critically? Also, is someone going...
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    Pono Seconds?

    I saw a second in the marketplace without a 2 on the label. I thought in the past they put a 2 on the label. Has this changed? If it has changed, how are they marking seconds?
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    Player's influence on instrument's sound

    I was looking at this auction on HMS for the Devine Uke It got me thinking, how much a player influences an instrument's sound. This is the same uke and recorded the same way. There are different tones brought out by each player...
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    Custom Builders and Prices

    I would like to continue the discussion from "One Super High End Uke" . My argument Many people are overpaying for custom ukuleles and even some of the K brands now. There is a point of diminishing returns in regards to sound. There are biases among some people that the more expensive...
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    Ko'olau T100 all Mahagony vs. Pono MTD

    I am considering getting another mahogany ukulele. Right now I have a Pono MTD, which I love. I play both high G and low G. I only have one ukulele right now. I am considering another ukulele so that I can have one for high G and one for low G or other alternative tunings. I love the...