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  1. Doc_J

    Anyone played or heard a uke with Kasha bracing

    Seems a good luthier can develop excellent sound with the type of bracing they choose to use. Fan, ladder, cross, lattice, falcate, Kasha, skin, …and all different variations on those bracing patterns give many paths to a good instrument. Lots of associated design options that can affect sound...
  2. Doc_J

    Modern version of a Favilla Baritone?

    Considering mahogany baritones last week I ended up looking at the Ohana BK-35 solid mahogany baritone. Watching a video from Alex at SUS featuring Ohana baritones I learned that Ohana most closely follows the Favilla/Vega baritone design, rather than the Martin design. The scale length is a...
  3. Doc_J

    For Sale Custom Moore Bettah concert

    Good luck on the sale. Beautiful concert ! Moore Bettah concert ukes are pretty rare. This is only about the 3rd one I can remember seeing.
  4. Doc_J

    A note about Thomas Macomson of Makapili ukulele fame -

    Thank you Ed. So wonderful to hear Thomas is building ukes again. I was fortunate to have had two of his Makapili ukes. Both were skillfully & beautifully made with great tone. The first really nice uke I owned was a concert pineapple Makapili!
  5. Doc_J

    Ever Play a Taylor Ukulele?

    Had the opportunity to play a mahogany Taylor tenor a few years back, didn’t end up owning it. The feel and tone reminded me very much of a Kanile’a tenor.
  6. Doc_J

    Arm bevels?

    The benefit of an arm bevel depends on how you hold your ukes and how sharp the lower bout edge corner would be without it. If ukes without a bevel bother you or leave a mark on your arm then a bevel might be well worth the cost. I’ve got one baritone with an arm bevel and I really don’t notice...
  7. Doc_J

    Lack of Security on Reverb

    I’ve had the fake /bot Reverb messages and offers as well. Fairly easy to see these were scammers based on language they used. Not sure what additional security steps they could/should take. But, I agree with everyone that the scammers are annoying.
  8. Doc_J

    New Uke Day (NUD) Fraudulent Sellers on Reverb??

    I’ve had fake or bot-driven messages/ offers on Reverb. They seemed fairly easy enough to identify, based on language. There is always potential for criminal/ troublesome actions on these sites. What’s amazing is how safe and trustworthy Reverb and eBay were in the beginning years. Hopefully...
  9. Doc_J

    Strings Baritone String Woes

    Who needs more baritone (or tenor or concert or soprano) string choices when there are lots of classical guitar strings and Seaguar fluorocarbon fishing lines? :)
  10. Doc_J

    Sold 2011 Kamaka HF3 Tenor Ukulele

    Had a slightly twisted neck on a brand new concert uke years ago. Never knew it was twisted until someone pointed it out to me, as it seemed to play fine. But the A-string didn't fret quite as perfectly as the others. Anyway, the builder re-did the fretboard with a thicker one. He planed/sanded...
  11. Doc_J

    What's your dream ukulele spec ?

    Posted some pics and details back in October 2021, when she arrived. Here's the link.
  12. Doc_J

    What's your dream ukulele spec ?

    Already had my dream uke built, several times - different dreams.:) My latest dream uke was a 19” scale baritone, redwood top, curly mahogany body from The Tree, ebony fretboard, gold EVO frets, all bound in rosewood. Built by Pat Megowan. Sounds and looks terrific.
  13. Doc_J

    Building a dreadnaught guitar

    Dave, thanks for sharing your build. I’m very impressed with your skills, dedication and patience. It’s always amazing to see a pile of wood turn into a beautiful guitar or ukulele. What an experience to work in Luis‘ shop with him instructing you! I have to ask… Will there be another build...
  14. Doc_J

    Acquired Favilla Baritone

    I’ve had decent luck on finding Favilla baritones on eBay over time. One there now is for sale at a reasonable price. While I agree Favilla baritones have a great sound for a very good price, usually I find myself passing these on when I’m downsizing. I currently don’t own one. Good luck in...
  15. Doc_J

    Sold The "Warrior" Baritone Ukulele

    Any sound samples available?
  16. Doc_J

    When is intonation good enough?

    Some ukes tolerate tuning errors better than others to my ears. On one uke even 5 cents off on one string will sound terrible to me, while another can 2x or more out and still sound great. Go figure?
  17. Doc_J

    Tinnitus scare

    Finally figured out what my tinnitus sounds most like. a 12,500 Hz sawtooth wave
  18. Doc_J

    Wildcat (Paul Barnard) Baritone - REVIEW

    Finally got my hands on one of Paul Barnard's Wildcat baritone ukes (solid Korina body, Solid European Spruce top, cutaway with lower bout bevel). In a word .... Outstanding! Exceptionally well made, and sounds as good as it looks...
  19. Doc_J

    Preview of my “Kapu Series” Headstock

    Thanks Brad for sharing photos of your new design. Wonderful creativity and beautiful build execution! I can’t imagine how many hours it has taken. More please.
  20. Doc_J

    Barron River ukuleles

    Allen McFarlen certainly has made some beautiful ukes. I’ve only played a used spruce/ziricote tenor of his. It was very bright in tone, but a nice uke. i’ve had a few Australian Blackwood ukes from Scott Wise. All were wonderful. Most recently received a Blackwood baritone 19” scale from...