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  1. actadh

    Where did you buy your uke(s)?

    Local second hand stores Jake Wildwood's shop The Ukulele Site Uke Republic Musician's Friend Butler Music Ukulele Underground Marketplace eBay Enya website Kala website
  2. actadh

    Search for a baritone….

    Great, Remmurts! Let us know how you like your new baritone.
  3. actadh

    Hello from Maryland!

    Hi Jared, welcome to the forums. My hometown is Takoma Park. Enjoy your ukulele journey.
  4. actadh

    Playing Pain-free

    Flax seed oil ( 4 capsules daily). Voltaren as mentioned above or Aspercreme roll on if can't do Nsaids. Using a squeeze ball during the day. Fingerpicking patterns as practice every day for right hand. Left hand moving fingers up and down the fretboard in a forefinger/middle finger, ring...
  5. actadh

    Do you use a music stand or something else?

    I use my daughter's old band Hamilton stand, and a Pioneer Woman cookbook stand.
  6. actadh

    Vintage Baritones, Favilla vs Harmany/Silvertone vs Vega/Auther Godfrey

    I have a 40's Vega baritone, kind of a poor person Arthur Godfrey. It is deep and rich in tone.
  7. actadh

    Canadians, heads up! Enya Nova Sopranos in blue or black are on sale on amazon for $45.99 Canuckistanian pesos

    My soprano was here when I got home, and I have been playing it all night. The body is easier to play for me than the concert version. I still wish the neck button was on the other side so it would lay a little better with my anatomy, but that is a minor quibble. The sound is good, and it is...
  8. actadh

    Shima Soprano Ukulele

    I bought mine here on the Marketplace. Well worth it as the build is excellent.
  9. actadh

    Canadians, heads up! Enya Nova Sopranos in blue or black are on sale on amazon for $45.99 Canuckistanian pesos

    Black was a $39 Lightning sale on U.S. Amazon. Picked one up to match my concert Nova U for my office. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. actadh

    Hello all from Pgh PA

    Welcome! I watch a lot of elementary school softball up that way. Enjoy your uke.
  11. actadh

    New Uke Day (NUD) NUD: KoAloha Soprano

    Very nice! Such beautiful wood grain. My 2014 sapele KoAloha Opio was part of the first batch of revised Opio non-Hawaii ukes back then. It also has the embossed headstock logo and KoAloha name on the bridge. I think that the bridge changed to plain once they stopped making them in sapele.
  12. actadh

    octave up GCEA on a Soprano?

    Can you try a capo?
  13. actadh

    Mainland Ukes - are they really that good?

    I am one of the ones that posted favorably above. It is still my go to tenor. Sounds great when played in a group, too.
  14. actadh

    Total Immersion Hobbies before Discovering Ukulele

    My fixation was kick scooting. Started with a Razor A5, and had quite a nice collection of different styles of scooters. My favorite was a Sbyke A20. Rode most days and really enjoyed it. Contributed to a website as a reviewer. Then work and health issues made it difficult to ride.
  15. actadh

    New and happy to be here

    Welcome! I will enjoy reading your blog.
  16. actadh

    I’ve been away a (very) long time

    Welcome back! I have been here since 2014. My playing has gotten crappier due to arthritis, but I still play. The dog thinks it is pretty good.
  17. actadh

    Hello from Colorado

    Nice to meet you, Terry. One of my best memories was playing for my mom in hospice. Thank you for bringing peace.
  18. actadh


    Welcome! Please keep us posted on your progress.
  19. actadh

    Hello from CA :)

    Welcome to the forums.Glad you are here.