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  1. Trinimon

    Sundown (Gordon Lightfoot)

    Nice cover bruddah!
  2. Trinimon

    Looking for uke tabs for Christopher Cross' Sailing.

    Help UUers. I've been trying to find the ukulele picking tabs to Christopher Cross' Sailing and keep coming up empty. Anyone happen to have a copy? Mahalo!
  3. Trinimon

    What's to do in Kauai?

    Well, I'm finally going to visit Kauai in a couple weeks for 7 days. Got a round of golf booked already, got a morning set aside for Waimea Canyon. Any suggestions of MUST see/do things? Sadly I'll be missing out on the Uke Fest (AGAIN!) due to a family member's request to run the Coconut Chase...
  4. Trinimon

    NUD! Finally got my KoAloha! I can't tune the darn thing!

    My sis was in town this wknd for my dad's 81st birthday. They were in Oahu a few weeks ago and spent the day at the Ukulele Festival and picked me up this little guy... and I do mean little, a t-shirt and a Troy Fernandez CD to complete my Troy collection. lol
  5. Trinimon

    George Kahumoku Jr - Seeds of Aloha

    A documentary on one of my fav Hawaiian slack key artists. I believe the DVD is out now.
  6. Trinimon

    The UU Photo thread. Post your photos etc. that you'd like to share with members

    Feel free to post images that you have taken and feel like sharing to the UU community or ask photography related questions or share some cool tips and tricks. It does not have to be ukulele related since we already have a Uke p*** thread, just random images like landscapes, your local uke...
  7. Trinimon

    Hawaii 2012 video

    I watched the Hyundai Championships form Kapalua last week and now I'm watching the Sony Open in Honolulu on the tele now and I'm missing the islands. I figured I'd share a video I did up recently on my last trip to the islands (Oahu and Big Island) this past summer 2012 for y'all and help...
  8. Trinimon

    Fred Kamaka, A Candid Moment

    Ok, I'm more of a photo buff than video expert so forgive any blunders to follow. I shot some footage of the more candid moments with Fred Kamaka during the factory tour. Most of it is probably the same for those who have taken the tour in the past. I thought it would be a fun project to do a...
  9. Trinimon

    My Kamaka Factory Tour 2012

    Finally got through some 1700+ images I took during my trip in June/July. Here's the pics from my Kamaka factory tour. You've GOT to add this tour along with the KoAloaha one when next you're in Oahu! Sadly I missed out on the KoAloha one but I'll be back. Fred Kamaka demonstrating My Dog Has...
  10. Trinimon

    Troy Fernandez videos

    Happy Monday y'all. Thought I'd bring a little piece of Hawaii for you all. I recorded Troy Fernandez playing I Can See Clearly Now on my last trip to the islands. Sorry for the shotty video. Just had a few pints after dinner and got caught up in the music. lol Working on another video and...
  11. Trinimon

    A HUGE shout out and thanks to MGM

    I thought I'd give a big shout out and thanks to our very own MGM! I was in Hawaii and left the week before the big Uke Festival and I was trying to get a hold of two of the Uke Fest t-shirts since my nephew and I couldn't be there (I think it goes towards a good cause too) and we're suckers...
  12. Trinimon

    Help! Tabs for Troy Fernandez's versions of I Can See Clearly Now & Wahine 'Ilikea

    Help! Tabs for Troy Fernandez's versions of I Can See Clearly Now & Wahine 'Ilikea I stopped by and listened to Troy Fernandez play for almost an hour (had to leave else I'd be there all night!) one night. It was amazing to hear him live 'cause I've always been a huge fan of his work. Oh how I...
  13. Trinimon

    Favor in Honolulu for Ukulele Festival

    Aloha folks, I'm looking for a favor from anyone in Oahu, Honolulu area. :) I'm going to be missing the Ukulele Festival in July by a week, unfortunately. I'd love to get my hands on two tee shirts for myself and my nephew but trying to avoid paying $25 shipping to Canada. I can pickup the the...
  14. Trinimon

    New Uke Day... well not exactly as in today.

    Picked up my Kamaka HF3 semi-custom last Wednesday and I can't seem to put her down since. :) I'm still on vacation but on the Big Island for a little while longer and internet isn't the fastest in my condo. So for now, here's a quick iphone pic. I'll post more pics later. My custom options...
  15. Trinimon

    Happy Prince Jonah Kalanianaole Kuhio day!

    Happy Kuhio Day to all da Hawaiians and those who celebrate it. Hipahipa! :)
  16. Trinimon

    The Descendants movie

    I watched the George Clooney movie The Descendants on Saturday. If you love the Hawaiian islands, it's probably a no brainer to go see it for the scenery and more so the great Hawaiian mele soundtrack. Lots of great classics by Gabby Pahinui, Makaha Sons, Dennis Kamakahi etc. I found myself...
  17. Trinimon

    Rocksmith PS3/XBOX/PC

    Oh man, if they'd bring out a ukulele version of this, I'd be all over it like icing on a cake! What a cool learning tool this would make.
  18. Trinimon

    Ever wondered how they make Aquila strings?

    Found this Youtube video of a factory tour of Aquila. Pretty interesting to see. I always pictured a big factory spinning out millions of yards of string onto monster sized spools like you see in the factories that make fishing lines etc.
  19. Trinimon

    replacement tuners for Kamaka

    How about these from Stewmac?
  20. Trinimon

    Happy UKE day! Yay!

    As fate would have it, I have just come into possession of a very lightly used Kala KA-ASAC-C solid acacia concert uke! She sounds pretty nice so far and she's a cutie. I'll give her a good once over when I get home but so far, she looks like a keeper. :D