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  1. uk_e_punk

    Imaginary Girlfriend

    Hi All Not been around these parts for quite a while!
  2. uk_e_punk

    UkePunk & The Forty Thieves

    Not been here for a while folks so hello again. Just thought I would share our latest offering with you.
  3. uk_e_punk

    UkePunk T-shirt giveaway Comp.

  4. uk_e_punk

    Dave the Dog

  5. uk_e_punk

    Your Times really is

    My cover of a 1977 classic from the finest punk band ever to come out of Manchester..thanks for watching :)
  6. uk_e_punk

    James Bond

  7. uk_e_punk


    Just noticed that the fretboard on my Fluke has started to come away from the neck! Is it wise to try and repair this myself? What kind of resin/glue would I need as I dont want to melt the plastic fretboard. Has this happened to anyone else? :( Many thanks Paul
  8. uk_e_punk

    UkePunk - Mister Mister

    One of my originals 'Mister Mister' souped up and ska-ed up Cheers for watching ;)
  9. uk_e_punk


    'Girl Across The Road' and interview for 'On The Couch Presents' Cheers for watching..
  10. uk_e_punk

    Imaginary Girlfriend

    Happy Valentines ;)
  11. uk_e_punk

    The Re-entrants at The Verge at The Cheshire Ring, Hyde.

    The Re-entrants plus UkePunk This Saturday 22nd Jan The Verge at The Cheshire Ring 72 Manchester Road,Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 2BJ
  12. uk_e_punk

    Punkelele Life - UkePunk

    Written and uploaded faster than you can say...dogsnads
  13. uk_e_punk

    Girl Across The Road - Bongo Mix - UkePunk

    Cheers for listening ;)
  14. uk_e_punk

    Arrows and Daggers

    Not been around for quite a while so HELLO :)
  15. uk_e_punk

    UkePunk original

    Cheers for watching/listening :)
  16. uk_e_punk

    Girl across the road

    UkePunk original...long time no see..
  17. uk_e_punk

    Malcolm Mclaren R.I.P

    A short tribute to a man that made a difference...
  18. uk_e_punk

    No Fellings - UkePunk Pistols cover

    My mostest favourite Pistols tune
  19. uk_e_punk

    Thrill - UkePunk Original

    Another original, written in 1996
  20. uk_e_punk

    UkePunk on the BBC

    Im on BBC Radio Lancs this Sat. 30th Jan at 12pm noon GMT. Any kind of support would be appreciated, big thanks to anyone that tunes in:D I have been warned not to swear or play any songs with 'dodgy lyrics' and I have to sign some kind of disclaimer too!:p...