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  1. thatguywiththeukulele

    I have a live stream

    YES I DO. i play video games every friday from 4:30 to 5:15 est so come check it out IM LIVE NOW
  2. thatguywiththeukulele

    Somewhere over the rainbow....WITH A TWIST! here is something i did today. please watch and subscribe :D
  3. thatguywiththeukulele

    Come listen to my podcast!

    Hey we are a new podcast and will just be talking about gaming, news, and whatever else comes up! should be fun ;D
  4. thatguywiththeukulele

    Yoshimi battles the giant pink robots part 1 cover awesome flaming lips song <3
  5. thatguywiththeukulele

    my freeze ray cover

    my cover
  6. thatguywiththeukulele

    My new ocarina video :d

    my new christmas theme ocarina video is up :D
  7. thatguywiththeukulele

    trouble cover comment please :D
  8. thatguywiththeukulele

    science fiction/double feature comment and sub x)
  9. thatguywiththeukulele

    somewhere over the rainbow what a wonderful world comment and thumbs up
  10. thatguywiththeukulele

    autotune test tell me what u think
  11. thatguywiththeukulele

    singing in key

    i cant sing in key xD any tips on how to?
  12. thatguywiththeukulele

    Bed Intruder Song Chords?

    does anyone know the bed intruder song chords...because i would really like to know them for my own entertainment :p
  13. thatguywiththeukulele

    Good Riddance Ocarina and Ukulele duet im happy with the way it turned out =D
  14. thatguywiththeukulele

    I dont wanna live on the moon ukulele and ocarina there ya go =D
  15. thatguywiththeukulele

    how to get rid of migraines

    im 13 years old and suffer from migraines...i try to take Tylenol but that rarely can i get rid of them
  16. thatguywiththeukulele

    Guess who i met today

    if you said the naked cowgirl...your right here is the pic
  17. thatguywiththeukulele

    Looking for a person who can sing Japanese

    hello im looking to do a duet video with someone. They must be able to sing in Japanese this is the song im planning on doing so please pm me or leave a response here
  18. thatguywiththeukulele

    Most Beautiful Girl in The Room Uke Cover me playing this FOTC song it gets kinda sloppy
  19. thatguywiththeukulele

    Love Me Tender on Eleuke

    new video =D
  20. thatguywiththeukulele

    My Eleuke contest entry

    i decided to enter the eleuke contest here is my entry =P