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  1. CeeJay

    What is the name of this picking technique?

    Balalaika and banjo have this technique , as far as I am aware it is just called single string picking, deffo is in balalaallalaaika....(bugger thats a run away typing travesty of a name)
  2. CeeJay

    Season 600 - Seasons And Seasonings

    I think Keith Floyd was somewhat extracting the michael with his deliberate mispronounciation of Woostershire sauce ,as it is properly pronounced. I have made that sauce myself and added a few zingers in chilli form , it is great with a steak or chicken.
  3. CeeJay

    Season 600 - Seasons And Seasonings

    I'll just leave this here for Joo .... which is phonetic for Jus..... another cooking ingredient !!! Well, who knew !!??
  4. CeeJay

    Season 600 - Seasons And Seasonings

    Summertime by George Gershwin , done my way, slightly bluesy , the turnaround is flattened to suit the didge ...oh ,yes ,there's a didge and a frog !! Bari Tribal tuned down one half step/semitone to suit the didge which drones in C sharp....and currently won't toot !
  5. CeeJay

    Acquired Guitarlele / Guilele / Guitalele

    Luna Baritone Tribal is a budget with a good tone, Here is a recording or two. standard tuning Open A The playing is as rough as dogs but you'll get an idea of what it sounds like,
  6. CeeJay

    Seasonistas on-line get together / open mic

    Did they misread it and thought it was an oubreak of CORVID !!?? I'll get me coat.
  7. CeeJay

    Season 597- PHOTOSYNTHESIS

    Ode To A Hollow Tree A story and a true one and an original and a claim for the Thornton Rule cos this baby is well past its need for photosynthesis and chlorophyll. And JTSteam.You think "sausage" and "storage" are a contrived rhyme ??# LOL
  8. CeeJay

    Don't send your parcel with Evri...

    When they were Hermes I used to call them Herpes as they lost a banjo , then to add insult to injury when they found it they returned it to me and then I lost the sale completely. A mandolin, exactly the same thing and equally almost impossible to contact. I loathe the electronic age because it...
  9. CeeJay

    Why are people so afraid of Music Theory?

    For crying out loud. It's a yookalele....these things are supposed to be fun ! So if you don't want/need theory,you don't want or need theory. If you do , there's tons of it out there and loads of resources . Just my penn' orth ( it used to be ha'p'orth - but global inflation)
  10. CeeJay

    Season 596: There are more questions than answers

    Wot The Fudge Blues SoTu 596 Improvised Blues......... I was just looking at Yukio's excellent little tutorial on the F7 chord. I dropped a note there saying that the 7th chords are also the blues chords..... then the Mischief Imp came calling . * Warning* Somehow the word fudge...
  11. CeeJay

    The F7 Chord

    The 7ths are also the bluesy chords.
  12. CeeJay

    Season 596: There are more questions than answers

    The title song of the seasons title performed by a total tit !!! I did it a little slower than the Johnny Nash version....Bari Guilele tuned back to standard cos it didn't like the tune in open G (fussy little beggar) a djembe and some E harmonica.............................. Though I forgot...
  13. CeeJay

    How are the Seasons intimidating or exclusive?

    This notion of the Seasons of The Ukulele being elitist is somewhat baffling to me. It can't be. You let ME in it !!!!
  14. CeeJay

    SOTU 593 - John, Paul, George and...Bongo??!

    I've just found some sheet music. I shall try this on my balalaikakakakakaka (an easy instrument to start spelling and a difficult one to stop !!)
  15. CeeJay

    Season 591: Ukuleles and other instruments

    It started with "Somebody needs to do Squeezebox by the Who ! I like that song. Lets hear it. C'mon somebody do that one for me. Thanks !" So I did . I did do one for a Jim Yates season, so this is fresh out the box. I like it too. Takes me back to my yoof !!
  16. CeeJay

    Season 591: Ukuleles and other instruments

    It's like food !! Lasagne mirrors Mousaka, pizza is like a tortilla which is like a chapati , then there are all the different versions of stews......Oooer, I'm all peckish now and there's nowt in larder !!
  17. CeeJay

    SOTU 589 - Wedding Bells

    Oh..his keyoad packed up as I was ediin he illum and now seems o haee is ucked...mew 1 on order !
  18. CeeJay

    SOTU 589 - Wedding Bells

    This a cheeky one really cos it's a twofer one and a new one in that I have never donethis before !! Played along to he rekkid (as John Duncan calls 'em). So, Canal St Blues by King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band ,recorded in 1923 and a lunatic ukilallay strummer welded over the top !!.......actually...
  19. CeeJay

    season 588 - an australian selection

    An original whimsy that sort of arrived as soon as I saw the seasons subject. About 2008 I bought a didgeridoo from a safari Park gift shop. Largely neglected it , got a drone going but can't do the circular breathing thing . Since the missus buggered off in sept I have been determined to have a...
  20. CeeJay

    Season 586: Untitled

    Just to mess with the playlist ....LOL...oops, put that iron down JT .... What it says on the tin and in the fillum. Conclusion for me, Bari guilele open tuning A (E*A*E*A*C#*E ) warm and richly tonal., Soprano in D tuning. (a D F# B ) Sounding as it should be, a barky little terrier ...