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  1. ItsAMeCasey

    Tree People - Emily (original)

    Hey guys, here's a new song by my band Tree People entitled 'Emily'. Please like and share if you enjoy! And stay tuned for more original music!
  2. ItsAMeCasey

    Rude (MAGIC!) ukulele instrumental cover

    Hey guys, it's been a long time since I posted on these forums so I figured I'd share a new cover. This song has been very popular recently so I decided to give it a try. Took a while to figure out how to keep the raggae strum going while still picking the melody, but the gist of the song is...
  3. ItsAMeCasey

    Soloing With the University of Hawaii Concert Band!

    Hey guys, been a while since I posted here, but figured you guys might enjoy. I had the great honor of soloing with the UH concert band at this year's Aloha Concert. It was a truly memorable experience. We played Jake Shimabukuro's tune 'Dragon'. Those of you who are familiar with this tune...
  4. ItsAMeCasey

    Ukulele Major: Why not?!?

    Hey guys, been a long time since I've posted anything. Haven't been playing a lot of Ukulele lately due to school. I'm in my first semester at the University of Hawaii studying music education, and my main musical focus for the last half a year has been my major instrument, the tuba. I was...
  5. ItsAMeCasey

    Improvisation in A Dorian

    hey guys, been a while since I did a video. I had the great privilege of jamming with Aldrine yesterday at Kapiolani Park. All I can say is, damn, he's even better in person. His solo-ing is freaking un-real and very inspiring, so I decided I'd play a little improvised jam and see what happens...
  6. ItsAMeCasey

    Toccata Jam Session

    Had the pleasure of jamming with Lance, Josh, and Kirk after the Go For Da Record event at the Blaisdell. We threw this one together quickly, so hope you guys enjoy! Lance is playing guitar and the rest of us are on the uke.
  7. ItsAMeCasey

    While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Jake cover)

    Re-do of Jakes Cover. I think this is a good progress video as I've done this one about a year ago and I think the improvement is evident. Basically just a carbon copy of Jake lol. None the less hope you guys enjoy!
  8. ItsAMeCasey

    Questions about Koaloha Ukulele

    Hey folks, I'm doing a research report on Koaloha Ukulele and I'm looking for some good online resources. I wanna know everything I can about the company, and figured I'd ask here first before I go directly to the shop for answers. Thanks!
  9. ItsAMeCasey

    Paramore - THe Only Exception (solo ukulele)

    Hey guys. I've been working on arranging this song for the past week, and this is what I came up with. I heard it on the radio at work and thought it would fit nicely with the uke. Also ,someone in my voice class sang it, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Because I'm not extremely familiar with...
  10. ItsAMeCasey

    Breezin', Body Surfing, Waiting in Vain, and Kawika-- Mean Jam Sesh Vids!

    Hey guys! Today I had the pleasure of jammin' with two other local musicians Joshua Tom (ukulele underground name: kamaka_4_life) and Lance Kawika Lopez Jr. (youtube name: ukeADDICTx). We had a great time talking story and playing music, so here's a few videos that we threw together. These songs...
  11. ItsAMeCasey

    I'm following my passion now thanks to the Ukulele

    Hey guys, I just thought I'd share a bit about how the ukulele changed the direction of my life. You see, I've had a passion for music ever since I first started playing the tuba in 7th grade. I loved music, and was a band geek all throughout intermediate and high school. I've always dreamed of...
  12. ItsAMeCasey

    Time After Time (cover)

    hey guys, I recently decided to learn this one and it's quickly become one of my favorite songs to play. I therefore recorded it :) Hope you guys enjoy!
  13. ItsAMeCasey

    Kalei Gamiao - Funky Tango (cover)

    Hey guys, been working on this one for a few weeks and figured it's about at performance level. Definitely not perfect, but it's a pretty challenging song and I didn't wanna spend forever trying to get a great take. I made this video primarily to give all you ukers a good view of the fret...
  14. ItsAMeCasey

    Ping Pong Balls As Fingernails

    Hey guys, really exciting news! I tried using a ping pong ball as a fake fingernail and it works really well! The tone/feel is extremely close to that of a real finger nail. I'm really stoked about this as it's much cheaper and easier than going to a nail salon to have an acrylic nail installed...
  15. ItsAMeCasey

    Koaloha Pikake Concert Sound Sample/Review

    Hey guys, this is just a short video of me reviewing/sound sampling my new Koaloha Pikake Concert. It's not the most informative review, but hopefully it at least serves as a decent sound sample for those of you planning on buying one. Hope you guys enjoy!
  16. ItsAMeCasey

    Difference Between Koaloha Pikake and Standard?

    Title says it all. I'm wondering because I recently acquired a Koaloha Pikake Concert (won it haha :D), and I'm curious as to how it's different from the regular models. I tried googling it, but couldn't find anything. Thanks!
  17. ItsAMeCasey

    Anyone going to the Uke Picnic on Feb 12?

    Hey guys, wondering if any fellow Hawaii UU'ers are gonna be attending the ukulele picnic at Kaka'ako Waterfront Park on Feb 12. If any of you guys are going, I'd love to meet up and jam. Let me know and let's make it happen! Oh, and there's a uke competition the day before at Royal Hawaiian...
  18. ItsAMeCasey

    Kalei Gamiao - The Unknown (cover)

    Hey guys! I started working on this one ever since I first saw Kalei play it on Pakele live. I just recently got the motivation to record it though from Dominator's wonderful video tutorials. Make sure to check out his youtube to learn the first couple parts, and the whole thing should be up...
  19. ItsAMeCasey

    Muse - Resistance (Instrumental)

    Hey guys! I've really been wanting to do a cover of this song for a while, but I just couldn't find a good way to voice it as a solo ukulele piece. So this is what I came up with. There's ukulele, guitar, and synthesized strings in this arrangement. I apologize for the dodgy guitar playing...
  20. ItsAMeCasey

    suggestion on a good inexpensive guitalele?

    Hey guys, I've recently decided to purchase a guitalele. I'm looking for something inexpensive, yet solidly built. I don't care whether the wood is laminate or solid. My main concern is the playability of the instrument. The Cordoba Guilele is my first choice at the moment, but i'm open to...