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    CAD Software

    I scrolled through abit and did a search but didn't see anything. Any tips on free drafting/CAD software?
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    6 string soprano

    Just curious if anyone has tried this? I have friend who wants one, and plans don't exist. Mostly thinking about neck width. Any thoughts?
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    Looking for a good source for ukulele plans

    I'm looking for blueprints ie: full sized plans for tenor, concert and soprano ukes. I've found plenty on line, but would like input from anything that anybody has used. I have some plans copied from others, but would like to get some cool blueprints to use, and frame, and hang on the wall...
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    How to make rope binding

    I searched the forum, because I thought I saw this on here before, but...How do you make rope binding? Is it similar to making a rosette? In that you build it up, and then cut it into strips, or pieces? I love the look, and want to give it a try. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Building supplies

    Are there specific bending molds for ukes? Are there universal ones that work? I have pretty much everything except bending supplies. Sources would be a great help. Thanks