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    Cute Little Guitar

    My grandson, almost but not quite four years old, likes to go down in the basement and play guitar. So at first I just gave him a Waterman soprano to play. But after a while he came to realize that the soprano didn't sound like a guitar and that a baritone did more so. So I let him bang away on...
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    C.F. Martin & Co. in Pennsylvania, established nearly 200 years ago, is adjusting to a changing economy

    I think there is the assumption that Martin factory workers are all guitar players and living the dream. I wonder how many are that and how many are just factory workers. My friend worked for John Deere for thirty five years making spindles for cotton pickers. He wasn't a cotton picker, he was a...
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    First Guitar

    I have a Mahogany GS Mini and I've had it for several years. I like it a lot and it is the guitar I went with when I decided to go from uke. It is a very versatile guitar. It is my go anywhere do anything guitar. I know and play with a fellow who has the Martin Dread Jr. He is a Martin man. He...
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    It isn't just the cities who try to regulate it, the buskers themselves can get territorial. As I said in my earlier post, that spot on the wall became my spot. I honestly didn't care. I wasn't trying to make a living at it. But just the same, to preserve the unwritten rule of buskers, that was...
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    I do have some experience busking. We had a winter home in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico for a decade of so. It was a condo. It was right where tourists would walk past going to the old Fort Morro. In the afternoons I would go out on the old wall a couple blocks from my condo overlooking the ocean...
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    What feeds your UAS?

    First of all, not everyone has UAS. Those who don't have it don't bring it up and talk about it all the time is all. It doesn't matter what it is, some people just have the wants and some people just don't. Just human nature I guess.
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    The Invisible Man

    Probably just a personality conflict. Perhaps you said something at one time or another that offended him. Perhaps your politics don't align. Maybe religious differences. Just saying.
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    I played ukulele for seven or eight years before going back to guitar, which I hadn't played for decades. Early on with ukulele I started attending a couple of local ukulele groups that held weekly "jams." I also attended some ukulele festivals where we "jammed." I learned that at a ukulele jam...
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    Why buy other than Martin?

    As far as Martin copies, the only thing Martin can really claim ownership of is the headstock. I mean, there are only so many ways to brace a guitar. Other builders are bound to do it the same as Martin, that doesn't make them copies. Also lots of Martin owners love to talk about that...
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    Any uke players who also play violin/fiddle?

    I have a fiddle that my grandfather brought home from WWI. I did not know him, he died when my mom was three. She played it in high school. I have it hanging above the stairs going down to the bar in the basement. I don't know how to play it. I play the uke and guitar and I play out a lot. I...
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    Is this a horrible or brilliant idea for a strap?

    I don't think it is any more invasive than drilling holes in a uke and screwing hardware to it.
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    For guitar players, what draws you to pick up the uke?

    I have to say, I don't put a lot of thought and justification into things I do, especially like what instrument I'm going to play around with or buy. I'm very impulsive in that way. I get an itch and I scratch it. I took a long break from playing guitar. When I retired and thought that I might...
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    Gloss vs satin

    And then then the question, if they don't sound the same, which one is better? Of course that is purely subjective, so what is the point?
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    Can we say Aloha in Montana?

    Cool story. I think you can say aloha in Montana but not ookulele.
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    Beware of FAKE Guitar strings

    Aquila has had problems with counterfeit ukulele strings as well. Last time I was on their site, several years ago, they had a page on how to spot the fakes.
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    Gloss vs satin

    If someone thinks they can hear a difference then good for them, it probably does. But if there is a difference in sound between gloss and satin, it is certainly wasted on me.
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    Building a dreadnaught guitar

    That guitar you have made is a true treasure. Priceless. Good job.
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    Haunted by hollow bodies

    I've had the itch for a hollow body electric for a few years now. I have an Epiphone Les Paul that I might trade on one someday if I decide to scratch the itch. I like the Guilds but the Gretch hollow bodies are good too. I'm just too lazy to haul the Les Paul around looking for a hollow body to...
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    Insurance documentation?

    My homeowner's insurance has a high deductible, higher than the value of any of my guitars or ukes. I got a zero deductible rider for them though. The cost is five bucks a month for the rider and the insured items have to be listed by make, model, and serial number if they have one. For anything...
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    Building a dreadnaught guitar

    Love it, the guitar and the experience of creating your own guitar. That is going to be a real special guitar for you.