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    Wanted Romero Creations XS

    I hope you find one, I know you have been looking for awhile. I was able to trade the one I had for a Mango tiny tenor. Better size for me that I am used to playing. The tiny mango xs was really surprising for its lovely sound and beauty but I have a couple other regular size sopranos to...
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    For Sale Romero Spalted Mango Tiny Tenor

    Yes I am surprised this is still available...The current price for a new one has been increased a lot. I have one already that I traded my xs mango for the tenor. Great looks and tone. I believe Daniel Ho plays one too. Somebody will be happy if they buy this one.
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    For Sale Romero Spalted Mango Tiny Tenor

    Wow, nice uke and price. If I didn't just buy a spruce top mahogany one I would of bought this one. good luck with the sale.
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    Traded Mya-Moe All Koa Tenor Resonator #149

    It is not a is a laptop steel ukulele. Very rare.
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    Traded Mya-Moe All Koa Tenor Resonator #149

    Well, I have this that I would consider trading. I never play it and thought I might want to try someday. Let me know if any interest. Thanks
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    You can see the one just listed here on UU. I think it is a bit pricey for no options but I do know that Blackbird raised their prices this year too. I bought mine here last year from eyedoc for a couple hundred less with the side sound port and the factory installed pickup.
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    Wanted Romero Creations XS

    I have a beautiful solid mango body xs that I considered rehoming because of my fat fingers. LOL Not sure about how to post to the UK though.
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    Sold Rebel "Original Fake" Tenor w/ LR Baggs 5.0 + Lekato Looper Pedal + String Sets

    Went and saw Corey playing a uke like this in link above. Sounds great although he could make a 50 buck uke sound better than me playing a 5000. one. LOL. good luck with this sale of a rare uke.
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    Sold 2x Myers Acoustic Pickups - Attachable Condenser Mics

    I had a friend with a uke store here but he is gone now. 6 years ago I was able to buy the pickups at his cost which was much cheaper. I think I still can have a LR Baggs with controls installed for 250. Locally.
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    Sold 2x Myers Acoustic Pickups - Attachable Condenser Mics

    Thanks for all the info. I mainly have MiSi and LR Baggs in my instruments that I would plug in. I have some without pickups that would be nice to plug in if I wanted to. Your Myers new is about what it costs to have one of the pickups installed. Of course then it is only used on that...
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    Sold 2x Myers Acoustic Pickups - Attachable Condenser Mics

    Have you compared these to other portable pickups like the new Kremona with the volumne knob or the installed ones like MiSi or LR Baggs?
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    For Sale Incredible Collings UT3K for sale with Original Hardshell Case!

    As mentioned I'm mostly playing my Chuck Moore uke and the Collings has been sitting quietly in it's case. And that's something that's simply hard for me to do, even if the uke is highly collectable. I'm a player, not a collector and my small group of ukes all get playtime or I find them a new...
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    Sold Koaloha KSM 03 with Misi pickup

    great deal! GLWS
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    Sold Goldtone DLX Banjolele

    Yeah, I am glad someone bought this one from you. I had a hard time passing on this one even though I had a tenor deluxe years ago and found it too loud and very heavy to bring out to play. A good instrument though. Buyer should be very happy.
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    Sold ⭐️ KoAloha Silver Pineapple ⭐️

    Is this a concert neck or a tenor neck. thanks for the reply. i see it in the title now.
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    Kamaka HF-4 DS Baritone Spruce/Koa MInt

    Ron could you describe the neck to me or send pictures of it. I prefer the older C shaped verses the newer D shaped ones Kamaka makes. Thanks
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    Price Drop Anuenue Moonbird UT200

    Thanks for all the links. I will go and check them out. Wow all good and a couple of different keys too.
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    Price Drop Anuenue Moonbird UT200

    A beautiful rendition of, The Moon Represents My Heart. Released and sung by Theresa Tang from Taiwan back around 1970. I would like to have her tabulature if she is so inclined to post it. Looking at her playing it would take me too long to try and copy. Good luck with your sale. Great...
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    Sold Ortega HYDRA - Double Neck 4 & 8 String Tenor A/E Ukulele w/bag

    I am willing to give this one a try. you posted something I can afford. lol