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  1. jungleturtle

    Congratulations, Graduates!
  2. jungleturtle

    There Ain't No Bugs On Me

    Here's an old traditional song I put on my new collection of kid songs. This was recorded live at an outdoor festival. I followed the version by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman pretty closely.
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    Easter EP for Charity

    So, I shared this recording a week or two ago, but now I've put it onto an EP on Bandcamp. All the proceeds from sales will go to the charity Lutheran World Relief. It's the only ukulele song on the EP. The others...
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    I Know That My Redeemer Lives

    A little ukulele duet with myself on a jazzy version of an old Easter hymn:
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    Fingerstyle Sanctus from the old red hymnal (Lutheran)

    Just sitting on my front porch on a busy Saturday afternoon and playing a song from the 1500's. This is my arrangement of the Sanctus from the old Lutheran Hymnal, published in 1941.
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    Video for songs off of new album

    Hey everyone! Sorry I've been away again for a bit. I just finished recording a 12 song album on bandcamp of all original songs. The whole thing is just one guitar and one voice, no overdubs, everything recorded in a take or two. The songs themselves are drawn from the volumes of songs I've...
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    What Child is THIS? (Slight Return) (Instrumental)

    This is the last song from our Christmas album that I plan to share here. It's a little faster take on the tune "Greensleeves" (What Child is This?). Any Roger Miller fans might recognize the similarity to his recording, "Green Beans."...
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    Go Tell It on the Mountain

    Here is another song from our Christmas album, with a slideshow video I made to go along with it. The guitar part is obviously pretty simple, but I love the way the harmonica sounds on it, and it was a lot of fun having the kids sing along on the chorus.
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    Silent Night/What Child is This (Instrumental)

    This is one of the tracks from the new Christmas album that my wife and I, with a little help from our kids, just got done recording: If you want to hear the whole album, go here...
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    Over the River & Through the Woods

    Not a video but an audio track, free for you to download, just in time for Thanksgiving. If anyone chooses to make a donation when they download, the money is going to buy my kids' Christmas presents this year. I'll be recording some Christmas carols soon, as well. Enjoy...
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    Wilbert the Wave in Oceanland

    "My whole life has been one big improvisation."~Clint Eastwood A little guitar improv for your Wednesday afternoon. Brave little Wilbert bobbed across the ocean depths in search of his true, unwavering waverlyness. Little did he know that he was the ocean, as well as the wave.
  12. jungleturtle

    Does anyone have tab for the Taxi theme song?

    I know that it's actually called "Angela" and that it's by Bob James. I had someone request that I learn it, but so far no luck finding anything online. Any help would be sincerely appreciated!
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    Dewdrops on a Spider's Web

    Out on my front porch this morning:
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    How much do you charge to play?

    I know people don't like to discuss this, but I'm hoping I can get a ballpark figure. No, we're not playing a ballpark. It's a library. My wife and I have been trying to break into playing places for a little while now and we've mostly been playing free shows, because nobody wants to pay. We...
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    There is a Beach

    Not a video but a sound file. My wife and I perform as a duo called Dandelion Root. I play guitar, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, and harmonica and we both sing. We mostly play live, but we're putting together a short CD of some of our songs. This is the first track for the CD. Most of the songs are...
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    Columbus Stockade Blues

    Hey! It's been a long time since I posted here, but I made this video with my wife a couple days ago and I figured I'd share. Her and I have been playing coffee shops lately under the name Dandelion Root.
  17. jungleturtle

    Chords for Dakota by Christine Lavin?

    Anybody know how to play this song and care to share? If not, I'll attempt to figure it out on my own and then post if for interested parties. But as I usually prefer to take the path of least resistance, if somebody else has it, it would sure make my day better. And easier.
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    Too Much Fun!

    I took this week off from work and I've been doing little else besides sitting around and figuring out chord solo versions of Christmas songs, Beatles songs, and a few other things such as Scarborough Fair, First There is a Mountain,... I'm having so much fun I've been nearly forgetting to eat!:D
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    Mahogany Folk Music Forum

    I promise I'm not trying to draw people away from this forum. I love ukulele underground. I have yet to find a friendlier forum on the web. But if you're looking for a little friendly discussion that's folk music-specific, you should give this friendly, fledgling, little forum a try...