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  1. donzamacleod

    eleuke question! Help please!!

    Hi guys im thinking of buying a Eleuke jazz tenor. But I am left handed and I just want to ask a big favour. If you own a Eleuke can you try flipping it around and playing it left handed and tell me if the knobs get in the way of your playing.
  2. donzamacleod

    A7 add9

    Im trying to learn a song with A7add9 but haven't been able to find how to play it anywhere. please help!!
  3. donzamacleod

    Hi! first post long time voyeur!

    Hi! Im Donza being playing Ukulele for almost a year thanks to my sister. I have been following this site and this forum since then(thanks for all the tips and help in that time). Yeah my first post because I deleted my verification email by accident and contacted uu but never got a reply but I...