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  1. Joe Hell

    From a recent Open Mic Night

    An original tune from a recent Open Mic Night Here is a clip from a recent 'Open Mic Night' that my family hosts at Walla Walla Village Winery. The video features an original tune by Kit Crawford (Sorry I didn't catch the name of it) playing a Boulder Creek Concert Uke and filming by Kurt...
  2. Joe Hell

    Open Mic Night at Walla Walla Village Winery

    If anyone is in the area it would be nice to see some ukes. The slots and the tables fill quickly each week so it's good to call ahead for a reservation!
  3. Joe Hell

    Thanks Ukulele Underground!

    I just wanted to thank you for hosting a great website and the fast delivery on the video I purchased from the UU store!
  4. Joe Hell

    My first (decent) Ukulele...

    A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the NAMM show in Aneheim, CA. and picked up my first (actually I bought two) uke that wasn't something I would consider a toy. Getting a decent uke at the show was my ultimate goal. I've been playing guitar for years but the uke is a new found...
  5. Joe Hell

    Hello from Walla Walla, Washington!

    I'm new to the website and the uke. I briefly spoke with Aldrine at the NAMM show a couple of weeks ago, so I figured I'd check out the site a bit more...I'm liking what I see so far!