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  1. Lexxy

    Just saw Jake live in Melbourne, Australia

    The man himself on stage, absolutely beautiful. Having a quick chat, such a humble guy. Signed!
  2. Lexxy

    Just saw Jake live in Melbourne, Australia

    Words cannot describe how happy I am..Got him to sign my uke and also got to chat with him abit about uke playing techniques. So damn happy! The songs he played tonight included: Island Fever Blues More Ukulele Rolling in the Deep Missing Three 143 Fields of Gold Blue Roses Falling Let's dance...
  3. Lexxy

    Regarding Islander Ukuleles

    Does anyone have any idea when the newer Islander ukuleles (With slotted headstocks and cutaways and an arm bevel) will hit the market? I understand Joe Souza said that it would run for about $550, but when will it arrive?
  4. Lexxy

    Is Mim's site down?

    I tried accessing Mim's website for the past week, but it doesn't seem to be responding. Anyone have any idea why? (
  5. Lexxy

    Travis Stine

    Hey guys, I've recently stumbled upon a user on Youtube named 'Travis Stine' and my goodness, this guy is an absolute beast on the ukulele! Just listen to him play 'One Note Samba'. If you ever see this Travis, I want you to know I am a big fan of yours.
  6. Lexxy

    Question regarding Jake shows

    In a normal Jake Shimabukuro show, does one need to acquire a special pass to meet and greet Jake? Or does he just meet and greet everyone in the venue?
  7. Lexxy

    KoAloha Red Label Tenor demo by HMS/The Ukulele Site

    Here's Corey Fujimoto playing an absolutely beautiful tune called 'Mombasa' by Tommy Emmanuel. Thoughts?
  8. Lexxy

    Uke case p***..hey why not...lets see yours

    Hey Mike, does this count??
  9. Lexxy

    Matt's new DaSilva uke?

    Has anyone seen how amazing Matt Dahlberg (Thejumpingflea) 's new DaSilva ukulele looks like?!? Check it out at Matt's website.
  10. Lexxy

    FT: KoAloha tenor

    Hey guys, I have a koAloha crown bridge tenor that I am looking to trade, but if no favourable offers come by, I might look to sell it. This uke has a stamp date of March 2005. It's crown bridge has popped off before, but has been restored professionally, so there are no more issues with the...
  11. Lexxy

    Willie Wixom Tenor ukulele

    Aaaaaand, a video.
  12. Lexxy

    Willie Wixom Tenor ukulele

    More pics..
  13. Lexxy

    Willie Wixom Tenor ukulele

    Features What year was it made? Where was is made? Northern California. Has a build date of 29th February 2012. How many frets? 20 frets total, 15th to the body. Solid-Top? Laminated top? Solid western cedar top, solid indian rosewood back and sides. Any pickups or electronics? Nope. Body and...
  14. Lexxy

    Unbelievable Collection

    Another photo grabbed from his page (I'm not too sure whether it's him, but I assume it is! :D) Now we know where BOTH the custom James Hill G-string tenors are, the JS signature tenor, the 12k Kamaka, and is that the Aaron Oya custom thinline flamed maple tenor?
  15. Lexxy

    Regarding Flea Market Music..

    I'm not too sure where this topic would go, so i decided that Uke talk would be somewhat appropriate. Anyways, I am having trouble creating an account for FMM. Yes, I have done all the necessary steps to create an account but they just don't send me the verification email! Anyone has any...
  16. Lexxy

    KoAloha Concert

    Hey guys, I am looking to sell my KoAloha Concert that I have acquired last year. The ukulele is a standard KoAloha Concert model, with the crown end of the fretboard. I am looking to sell it for $600 and split the shipping costs with the buyer. The reason I am selling it for this price...
  17. Lexxy

    Heh Heh heh.

    Once again, heh heh heh.
  18. Lexxy

    Heh Heh heh.

    Heh. Heh. Heh.
  19. Lexxy

    Question about types of rosewoods and Cedar.

    Hi guys, How many kinds of Rosewoods and Cedars are there? I've heard of Brazilian Rosewood, East Indian Rosewood. Acoustically, are there any 'Superior' rosewoods? As for Cedar...I've heard of Red Cedar, Port Oxford Cedar (I think?), Western Cedar.. Anyone care to add in?
  20. Lexxy

    What song is this? It's a jazzy tune played by Abe Lagrimas Jr. Anyone know what it's called? (In case the video doesn't embed)