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  1. austin1

    Wanted: Baritone ukulele in Berlin

    Hi all! This is probably a bit of a long shot, but are any of you Berlin ukers selling a baritone ukulele? Budget: 150 euros ish.
  2. austin1

    Unchained Melody/Girl Crush Mash Up

    Super rough because we threw it together in half an hour and didn't have a decent microphone, but we did it!
  3. austin1

    Any Seasonistas in the London area?

    Random question, but yes, are there any Seasonistas in the London area? It appears that I'm moving to London (!!!!!!) in a little over three weeks and it would be nice to sort of already know people. Also, are there any ukulele meet-ups in the area? Also, how does the NHS work for EU citizens...
  4. austin1

    Shut Up And Dance--Uke/Shaker

    Hi all! My sister and I are rarely in the same place, so when we both found ourselves at our parents' for two weeks, we made a bunch of videos. This one is Shut Up and Dance, featuring us not being able to dance.
  5. austin1

    Any Seasonistas in Savannah and/or Charleston that want to hang out with me?

    I don't know if I'm allowed to post this here, but in a nutshell: hello! I'm coming to Savannah from Saturday the 11th-Tuesday the 14th, and Charleston Tuesday the 14th to Friday the 17th. My mom has some sort of conferency thingy, and I'm tagging along because reasons. Anyone want to hang out...
  6. austin1

    Fare Thee Well cover--a thank you to the ukulele community!

    Nine months ago a lot of ukulele people came together to make sure I had a uke to bring with me to Western Mongolia. So I've been taking video clips for the last nine-months so I could put together this small thank you to the ukulele community for being awesome. Yay!
  7. austin1

    Season 86 of the Uke--Results!

    I decided to make a new thread for Season 86's results, only because I feel like the last three pages of the original thread are so full of disappointment and shattered dreams that I don't even know how many people would see it if I posted the results there. thread! First off, sorry...
  8. austin1

    Season 86 of the Ukulele: Third Time's A Charm!

    HELLO SEASONISTAS. This is me checking in to tell you that the (really really) long-overdue winners for this season will be announced after I get back from UWC. Why do I suck so much at being timely? Well, this happened: And then I had to go to Portugal to see my dying aunt, so then this...
  9. austin1

    Any Seasonistas in Munich?

    I know we have a bunch of German Seasonistas out there, but are any of us located in Munich? I ask because my boyfriend is going to Munich for some conference party thingie with John Kerry, and since I hate both conference party thingies and John Kerry, I'm trying to find something else to do. I...
  10. austin1

    2nd Annual End of the Year Extravaganza

    Who wants to take over the 2nd annual EOY Extravaganza? Hello all! So it's getting to December and we need to start considering the End of the Year Extravaganza! Namely: 1) Do we as a Seasons community want to do it again this year? 2) If yes, can anyone take over? I'm sorry to say that my...
  11. austin1

    Another sign of the ukulele's popularity: It's now a photo prop

    I believe my work here is done.
  12. austin1

    Season 86 of the Ukulele: Third Time's A Charm!

    Hello all! So this week is called Third Time's a Charm because you have not one, not two, but THREE different themes that you can enter a video in! Because I'm indecisive like that. Theme 1: Disney! Any and all songs from your favorite animated Disney film. I repeat: Disney. Not Pixar, not...
  13. austin1

    ::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 17!

    I'm going to write a blog post entitled Things I Didn't Tell My Mom Until After I Got Back to Germany. number one will be going to an interview, missing the last bus out, and sleeping in the lady's house. We had no idea where we were, had just met the lady, and neither of us had our phones on...
  14. austin1

    ::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 16!

    It looks like this! I'm worried it's too much stuff. Does it look like a lot of stuff? Most of that's not ever clothes, it's technology and medication. It has to fit onto a overhead bin and not look conspicuous enough to get measured and/or weighed by the airline staff.
  15. austin1

    Season 75 of the Ukulele - And We're Off!

    As a lover of off the track Thoroughbreds, including the peanut M&M loving, complete basket case, but very sexy Austin himself, I would just like to say that I love this week.
  16. austin1

    Reddit Overlap

    So just for fun today, I was bee-bopping around Reddit and found Which got me wondering: how much of an overlap is there between UU and the reddit sub-forum? I thought I saw one or two handles I recognized. At any rate, no one's posted on UU around r/ukulele...
  17. austin1

    ::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 14!

    Happy Easter! We decorated cakes! from left to right, Random Chicken, Bavaria Egg, Zombie Bunny, Gremlin?, and Hipster Bunny. There was also a Hitler Bunny but I have elected not to put that one on the internet.
  18. austin1

    EOY Extravaganza: THE VIDEO!!

    It's heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!!!! First, apologies for the delay in getting this out as I got punched in the face repeatedly by my death paper. On the plus side, I got a perfect grade on the death paper so it was at least worth it (for me, not for you, I'm sorry!). Second, this video is loooooong. A...
  19. austin1

    EOY Extravaganza: Update

    Hey all! I just wanted to post this in a separate thread so that people see it. Just for the record, I haven't forgotten about the end of the year video. But this is my life at the moment: 8AM-12--Summer Class 12-3 --Work at Job 3-Midnight--Grad School Papers Summarized, I'm dying. The...