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  1. Kayak Jim

    my ukulele progress

    Someone I know was dismayed when their kid ordered a bagel with cream cheese delivered from Tim Horton's and the bill came to almost Cdn$20. The real kicker was that there were both bagels and cream cheese in their fridge.
  2. Kayak Jim

    Modern Martin S1 Review

    Would you please post a photo of the back to give some idea of the unusual grain/ "birthmark" you are referring to. Thanks.
  3. Kayak Jim

    Selling off ukes after finding "The One?"

    I'm more of a "The Six or Seven" kind of guy. In ukes, razors, bicycles, kayaks...
  4. Kayak Jim

    What is this technique?

    Yes I know about harmonics thanks. It's a bit after 2:20 that she starts the picking over the fretboard that I'm asking about and ploverwing has given me an answer. Cheers
  5. Kayak Jim

    What is this technique?

    I play uke not guitar but a guitarist I follow is Gabriella Quevedo. In this video about 2:20 she switches from picking over the sound hole to picking over the fretboard, interspersed with passages way up the neck. What is the effect of the different picking position- changing the tone or ...
  6. Kayak Jim

    Neck strap button vs tying to headstock

    I'm another headstock fan but I only play concert and soprano. And half-strap for me in all cases (uke leash).
  7. Kayak Jim

    Koaloha dealers in Canada?

    I bought mine several years ago from the Marketplace here and had it shipped to a parcel drop service. Drove across the border and paid just GST (no duty). Many sellers don't want the hassle of international shipping in addition to the added cost. Considerable savings buying used and the used...
  8. Kayak Jim

    Is it "time" or "play" that makes strings go bad?

    I have several ukes in rotation and was not playing much for a year or more. Thankfully the latter has changed but I'm wondering if I should change some/all of the strings. I know play can wear little divots where the frets make contact and play can otherwise stretch them unevenly, with both...
  9. Kayak Jim

    From Four Strings to Five

    This is a first for me (but I don't get around much). I thought 5 strings were (always?) strung with one high and one low G. Obviously not. I don't think this would be for me as I often find even one low-G can be a bit overpowering, but maybe it's the (only) string I've tried (Fremont).
  10. Kayak Jim

    decent detail pic of Kiwaya laminate structure?

    The three plys on my Kiwaya look to be of about equal thickness. On my Kala the center ply is about 60% of the total thickness.
  11. Kayak Jim

    Banjo ukes - flush vs. floating fretboard

    The majority of banjo ukes you see have a fretboard that stops at the end of the neck and is flush with the top of the head. Deerings on the other hand have an extended fret board that floats about the head. The Deering also uses a "saddle" under the conventional banjo style bridge I'm...
  12. Kayak Jim

    Program for writing down tabs?

    I'm looking for a "word processor" type program by which I can write down tabs. I don't need all the features something like Guitar Pro offers with playback, etc., and I don't need standard music notation. Currently I'm hand writing on blank four line staff paper, and it gets a bit messy...
  13. Kayak Jim

    Tabs for Jontom's 3 months of ukulele licks?

    Does anyone have the tabs for Jontom's YouTube series "Three Months of Ukulele Licks" from several years ago? I can pick up much of it from the videos but he goes through some sections pretty quickly. His old website where the tabs were apparently...
  14. Kayak Jim

    Uke shops in Oregon, Washington?

    As the title suggests, any shops you'd recommend in the Pacific NW, south of the border?
  15. Kayak Jim

    Honeytone battery life?

    For those with the Danelectro Honeytone mini amp, how long a life do you generally get from a fresh 9 v. alkaline battery? Considering getting one for travel. Thanks
  16. Kayak Jim

    Accompanying Drum Track

    I'm looking for options that provide basic drum track loops that I can use to keep a small ensemble "on track" at various tempos. A free or low cost online site would be ideal. The only one I've found is this one. The jazz tack seems pretty good and a couple others sound OK, but the simple...
  17. Kayak Jim

    End button on a uke without an end block?

    A woman in one of my groups with an inexpensive uke wants to add a strap button but the uke has no inside end block. I told her a luthier could probably insert an end block through the sound hole to reinforce the thin sides to accept the button screw. If I were doing it myself I'd consider...
  18. Kayak Jim

    Workshop heating

    I agree with others who say insulation will definitely pay off. For heating you consider one or two of these, which heat the objects not the air (used in ice rink bleachers and bus shelters),43456,43465,44590