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  1. Mraz

    Skinny Love - Bon Iver

    It's not a ukulele cover, because I'm still working out some kinks in my home studio set up, but I'll be making some uke covers soon! as for now, this is my cover of Skinny Love by Bon Iver (although this is more like Birdy's version because I'm a much more solid piano I would...
  2. Mraz

    Which model Taylor is this?

    Can someone help me? I'm looking into purchasing a new Taylor guitar, but I am unsure of which model I would like. The one in this video sounds really nice. Can anyone identify it?? I thought it looked like a 114CE, but...
  3. Mraz

    Details in the Fabric by Jason Mraz?

    Hey guys. I've heard this song recently, and it is sooo inspirational. It's probably one off the best songs I've heard in awhile. Simple, but to the point. And its got meaning behind it. i've got chords from ultimate guitar, but I was just wondering if anyone had any good picking pattern...
  4. Mraz

    Elderly sent me empty string packets? :(

    I ordered a pair of Alohi strings from Elderly, and when I opened the Alohi packet up there were no strings in the envelopes? Should I call them?
  5. Mraz

    How do I make a video like this?

    Anyone know what program I could use to make one like this? :)
  6. Mraz

    Lazy Song Live Lesson?!

    I don't know if it's just me, but I can't find it anymore? I didnt see it in the list, and the archives arent being nice to me >:( Anyone got the link? I'll be your best frienddd! Thanksss :)
  7. Mraz

    Full List of Live Lessons

    No problem! We appreciate that you even complied this list! :)
  8. Mraz

    Vintage Kamaka $300--sketchy?
  9. Mraz

    Ko'olau cases?

    Hello everybody :) I have a Pono MTD-E that I bought from a member on here, and it came with a Uke Crazy case. I get kinda worried because sometimes I don't feel like my ukulele is secure and I can hear it moving around. So, I'm looking into a new hard case :) I figured that the Ko'olau is my...
  10. Mraz

    Help me Identify this ukulele?

    Can anyone help me figure out what this is? It says it's a cuatro, but it really looks a ukulele. I know that Jason Mraz plays a Lanikai when not performing, but I was trying to figure out what this one is. Its really nice. You get some really good shots if the headstock which has a brand name...
  11. Mraz

    Full List of Live Lessons

    This is awesome. Just what I was looking for. You rock!
  12. Mraz

    Ko'olau strings?

    I recently bought a Pono MDT-E from a member on here and I love everything about it except for the fact that the C string is wound. Does Ko'olau make a tenor string set without the wound C? Thanks!
  13. Mraz


    Ugh. I'm having a horrible time chunking. Its about the only thing I cant do when it comes to strumming. I've watched Aldrine's video on it, but it didnt help :/ Anyone got any tips?
  14. Mraz

    Wanted : Concert Ukulele

    Hello everyone! I know I posted a thread on this already, but I changed my mind on what I wanted :P So, I'm looking to buy a Concert Ukulele. Anything will be considered :) My budget is $300. So, who's got one? ;)
  15. Mraz

    Pickups, or contact Mics?

    Hello everybody! I was wondering if contact Microphones are as good as pickups? I am also looking for some good examples of pickups and contact mics, as I am looking to install some and I'm not sure what to buy :/ Thanks!
  16. Mraz

    Hello from New York!

    Aloha! ;) My name is Emily. I'm up in New York. I found the ukulele when I saw Bruno Mars play it during a set back in May for his song called "Count on Me" and I fell in love. Then, when I went to a summer camp for music, I took uke lessons there, and I've bee playing ever since! I have a...
  17. Mraz

    Looking for a Concert or Soprano Ukulele with Pickups! :)

    Hello everyone! I've been watching the UU videos for a long time now, and finally decidied to join the forum. I'm a fan of Jason Mraz, among many others :P But anyways, I am looking to buy a concert ukulele with pickups. I am looking to upgrade my uke, as I have learned on a Lanikai LU-21...