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    Broken Uke scraps wanted!

    Greetings! I am currently looking for scraps of the following instruments: 30's Martin Style 0 (approx 1 square inch) any flat Mahogany piece with finish on it 30's Kumalae Style B (I have a chip out of the soundhole) 2 Kumalae frets and possibly an original bridge? I have various broken uke...
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    WTB 2 frets for a Kumalea, scraps of Koa for a repair

    Howdy! Anyone parting out an old Kumalea? I have one with #1 and 2 frets missing. I can use any frets from the board and shorten 'em up, I'd really like originals. I also need a square inch of Koa from an early uke to patch a Kumalea and a Mossman. I have lots of misc. vintage tuners and...