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  1. PhilipKwak

    Bluetooth EleUke introduction

    I hope this will be a help for Ukulele learners.
  2. PhilipKwak

    New version Bluetooth equipped EleUke crowd funding started.

    UUers we just launched Bluetooth equipped EleUke crowd funding project hope everyone could participate. This new version EleUke enables you to connect your smart phone to EleUke through Bluetooth and enjoy Karaoke playing. Just run any songs, background music, you can hear it through earphone...
  3. PhilipKwak

    BugsGear Aqulele concert model reviewer invitation

    Updated 2014,11,15 We revised BugsGear Aqulele concert size plastic ukulele design as below. We will install rechargeable active pickup with 1V 1T control as an option. We appreciate all your interest and support on BugsGear Aqulele. As you know, we started to make soprano model`s...
  4. PhilipKwak

    Beware of fake "BugsGear" brand ukuleles from Tmart

    Hi I am the "BugsGear" brand owner Philip.K and I found "Tmart" is advertising my brand "BugsGear" ukuleles on UU. You are now finding "Tmart' banner even from this page see below link I never shipped my ukuleles to "Tmart" and they are...
  5. PhilipKwak

    Looking for Plastic ukulele BugsGear Aqulele reviewers.

    This is most updated ukulele's color variation. There's one Purple with Orange fingerboard missing I will upload it very soon.
  6. PhilipKwak

    Looking for Plastic ukulele BugsGear Aqulele reviewers.

    We are going to make Concert and Tenor sized Aqulele prototype as attached draft. Cross your finger to see the best shape and sound.
  7. PhilipKwak

    Looking for Plastic ukulele BugsGear Aqulele reviewers

    We are inviting 20 reviewers please go to "shameless self promotion" section and read the thread. Thanks Philip.K
  8. PhilipKwak

    Looking for Plastic ukulele BugsGear Aqulele reviewers.

    This review promotion closed please don't apply anymore Also, please send below winners their real name, address, Phone No(We will ship ukuleles internationally winners don't require shipping cost) to PhilipKwak. 1. Uncle Rod Higuchi 2. Julie 3. Ksiegel 4. Daniel Hulbert 5. UKEonomics Thanks...
  9. PhilipKwak

    Take off "Shameless self Promotion" and put "Sponsor" Section

    I am the sponsor of and and post my promotion thread on "Dealers" or "Market place" section without any problem. Just simple moving promotion posting to "Shameless self promotion" may give people feel offended I am ready to become a sponsor...
  10. PhilipKwak

    Philip.K’s BugsGear plastic uke challenge 2013 Invitation

    These 3 plastic ukuleles are my prototype samples that I did experiment. Left = ABS material, Middle = PC(Polycarbonates), Right= ABS and I am going to make final experiment by modifying two samples and decide material. From the beginning, I was going to make ukulele with PC(polycarbonates)...
  11. PhilipKwak

    Philip.K’s BugsGear plastic uke challenge 2013 Invitation

    Philip.K’s plastic uke challenge 2013 Invitation Plastic ukulele project funding and pre-order starts. UUers! My name is Philip.K the owner of BugsGear/ EleUke brand. “EleUke” is the most popular representing electric ukulele brand in the world and we finished successful “EleUke contest” on...
  12. PhilipKwak

    To Mr.Kato Seiki CEO from Korg Inc.

    Hi Uuers! We need you support as we are having problem with Korg Inc in Japan So, I wrote official letter as below Thanks for your reading. You can find more info by visiting I hope and pray Korg Inc.’s business goes well and my name is Philip.K from Stringnet Co Perhaps you...
  13. PhilipKwak

    2014 EleUke Peanut introduction

    Hi UUers! We are happy to show you our new 2014 version EleUke Peanut. Any comment or question welcomed. O.K let me put some more explanation on our new electronics. In the early time, we were using under saddle piezo pickup with ceramic one but...
  14. PhilipKwak

    EleUke Peanut action height and un-even amplified sound output issue

    Thanks for choosing EleUke peanut. Recently we are receiving few report issues from customers regarding action height and un-even amplified sound output by each strings. To help everyone's understanding, we would like to give some comment on our Peanut as below. 1. Specification...
  15. PhilipKwak

    Shocking blue Venus cover by EleUke family

    Hi everyone. As you know, we are now staying in China to control all productions so, I am making our kids all attend Chinese high school and univ and living together. We made some music video during Chinese lunar new year holiday and I think this is the best one. Hope you all enjoy this. Philip