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  1. frets alot

    Wanted Pono MB 6 Guilele

    I have one, but I love it, sorry (it's staying with me). Good luck, I sure hope you find one. I will keep my eyes open for you, though.
  2. frets alot


    I agree!
  3. frets alot

    My thoughts on playing with a pick

    As an multi-instrument player, this video was nicely done. Very good information for whatever one chooses to do. Theres no "right" way to play (pick or no pick)...your choice should be matched with your style of play, type of music, physical abilities, etc. Decide for yourself what is best and...
  4. frets alot

    Rebel or KoAloha? Gloss or Matte finish?

    I prefer satin finishes on my ukes. I know it's a personal preference. I love the simple beauty. Guitars, well that's a different story. ;)
  5. frets alot

    New Uke Day (NUD) NOUD: Return of the Vintage Kamaka Baritone

    What a beautiful family of Kamakas!
  6. frets alot

    New Uke Day (NUD) John S. Kinnard concert

    I love the simple elegance of it. It is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!
  7. frets alot

    EADGBE on original cordoba mini

    I use the Pepe Romero fluorocarbon strings and love them on my Pono baritone scale guilele. I tune G-g, so I use the UG1 set. The UG2 set is for E-e.
  8. frets alot

    Search for a baritone….

    I don't think you can go wrong with either the acacia or the mahogany.
  9. frets alot

    Posture Problems!

    Great. If you want one that isn't heavy metal, we love these...
  10. frets alot

    Search for a baritone….

    Awesome, you'll love it!
  11. frets alot

    Where did you buy your uke(s)?

    Elderly Instruments The Ukulele Site Aloha City Ukes
  12. frets alot

    Hello! Donna from UKE Republic here.

    Welcome Donna, from beautiful Northern Michigan.
  13. frets alot

    NUD: Risa Stick

    That's cool, hope you have fun traveling with it. How is it to hold and play....comfortable?
  14. frets alot

    UAS Cured---Enjoying Uke Much More

    Your post is well taken. I did the same a couple years back with some high-end guitars. I actually found selling a couple to be liberating (the best word I could think of). I felt better after it was done. I'm good with ukes at this point. But I do agree, there's no right way to what's...
  15. frets alot

    Setups on new ukes

    Awesome choice! You'll love it!
  16. frets alot

    NUD: Sort of

    The shape gives it away as a dreadnought, that's why they didn't have to describe it as such. Full size just means it's not a 3/4 size, something you might not get from the pictures. If you want to pursue this with a smaller sized guitar, you could look for a parlor or concert size. Also, a 3/4...
  17. frets alot

    I need some cheese with this whine…

    Yes, I'm all healed now, thanks for asking. It was about 6 weeks of no fingerpicking on my instruments (right hand). Thankfully, it healed perfectly. A stupid accident on my part. I did learn from it. ;)
  18. frets alot

    I need some cheese with this whine…

    I'm sorry. 😞 Having a serious injury not too long ago (broken thumb), I feel your pain. Wishing you a fast recovery.
  19. frets alot

    Sold Beansprout Alto Cedar/Quilted Maple #580

    This baby is gorgeous! I'm a sucker for quilted maple. :love:
  20. frets alot

    NUD: Sort of

    You chose one of the biggest guitar bodies out there....dreadnought. Good luck with your project.