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  1. mjh42

    Violin Question

    Peg dope, local violin shop should have some, reputable shop should show you how to use it. Violin teacher should be helpful as well. I borrowed some peg dope from my son for one of my ukes that has wood friction tuners similar to violin tuners.
  2. mjh42

    Jake Shimabukuro Announces 'Grateful' Featuring a Who's Who of Hawaii-Based Artists

    Oh the CD player in the house still works......might be a nice CD to through in the AM while I'm enjoying the morning cup of cocoa or tea.. Was out most of the evening involved in local non musical group I belong to.....
  3. mjh42

    Jake Shimabukuro Announces 'Grateful' Featuring a Who's Who of Hawaii-Based Artists

    My copy arrived today! Have a road trip coming up--still have a CD player in the car--will be taking it with me for sure.
  4. mjh42

    Electric uke - Jake Wildwood

    I suppose Jake W. would know if the build can handle the stress of the steel strings or he a has beefed up the instrument where needed?
  5. mjh42

    Strings Wound C conundrum

    Try a set of the ghs H-T10 strings. C is wound. Not sure in string diameter but should be able to look it up.
  6. mjh42

    Perhaps not the best use of our time but an expiring mind wants to know.

    I have two of these straps. The instruments I use them on have a tailpiece button and an upper bout button. The adjustable buckle is on my lower backside when playing. My third strap is a Magic Fluke strap. I'm pretty sure the...
  7. mjh42

    My experience with "The Ukulele Site", what's yours been like? (Spoiler: Not the greatest thus far)

    Sounds like a first world problem. Shipping is horribly expensive these days. I've curtailed much buying and selling. I enjoy the process but between taxes and shipping it's not fun anymore, never did make a profit. I recently ordered something and was very specific with my rep with the...
  8. mjh42

    Bonanza Ukuleles are Back!

    Looks like a percussive instrument.
  9. mjh42

    Gig Bags & Cases?

    Don't forget the in between cases. Molded foam with nylon covers. A bit more than a gig bag a bit less than a hard case. All my ukes have a hard case regardless of what they were shipped with, my Fluke has the TKL case (no long made I think?)
  10. mjh42

    Jimmy Buffett, RIP

    Fair Winds and Following Seas ol Pirate........
  11. mjh42

    ‘It’s vastly complex, even dangerous’: in defence of the recorder

    My late father in law was quite good at playing the recorder. He dabbled in a lot of instruments but only really used his voice and the recorder well. His recorders are still around. My son was required to have recorder as part of his early elementary school supplies. He has kept his as...
  12. mjh42

    Strings Recommendation on strings for a concert resonator uke wanted

    I'm currently using: ghs Custom Shop TU Low G Set; the g and C strings are wound. I've also used: ghs H-T10's wound C---thinking maybe going back to these--really just going back to a High G Just for a little while I used some D'Addario's I think fluorocarbon low g Just for just a little...
  13. mjh42

    Looking for help with elementary uke program

    Ask your school leader-principle-teachers your working with if there is any District wide grant foundation. Our local District has a Foundation. Teachers can submit grants for materials, projects, and the like. Emphasize the music to mind connection, the hands on nature, and so forth. Flight...
  14. mjh42


    Hey! I found your other half of your Snark. I was rearranging the piles of "stuff" and I have the clip on part with post. If your in the USA, PM your mailing address and I'll put the clip part in a padded envelop and mail it off.
  15. mjh42

    Sold Risa Tenor TE with Micro Crush amp

    THIS IS A DEAL FOLKS! Risa Tenor and Amp shipped(in connusa) for $340!!! You cannot get this any cheaper. Loads of electric fun! Come on--lot of folks want to play like Keith Richards, Albert Collins, Red Volkert! I'm all set with mine so I don't need another. No connection to seller or...
  16. mjh42

    Instrument insurance?

    My spouse's violin and hardanger fiddle have extra riders on the home insurance plan. I don't recall if we put my son's violin on it. Everything else is under the regular home insurance plan. Good idea to have a record of items of value to you, purchase price, current value to date if...
  17. mjh42

    Octave Pedal for Uke/Looping

    I think Jake S. in his video about his board said he uses a Electroharmoxix POG. There are several versions. For the cheapest options look at Donnor, Moore, Nux, Beringer. I've had good experiences using Donnor or Moore pedals when I want to try out a specific style of pedal. If I find I...
  18. mjh42

    what are you reading?

    The Quickening: Creation and Community at the Ends of the Earth by Elisabeth Rush Elisabeth Rush is a writer aboard a vessel on a scientific journey to the Thwaites Glacier, Antarctica---the first ship to ever visit there. Always have wanted to go to Antarctica---knew a few people from college...
  19. mjh42

    The Magic Fluke Company Appreciation thread

    As my Fluke is my only concert ukulele I lean towards suggesting you go with the concert---but you have to choose the scale you want to play...I did go with the spruce top and with the spruce top and concert scale I get a nice sound that is enjoyable....
  20. mjh42

    Festival The Great Minnesota Uke Gathering/Minnesota Bluegrass Fall Jam, Nov 10-12, '23 Cadenza Music in St. Paul, MN also has a selection of Ukulele's Haven't been to Willie's American Guitars new location yet. Went to the old location several times. Willies website notes that an appointment is needed for extended checking out of instruments...