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    Sold Mya Moe Long Neck Soprano

    Wow. Really beautiful
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    Is tuning up a whole step to High A tuning likely to damage a tenor?

    I think you mean D tuning instead of C tuning. I think using concert or soprano strings (thinner gauge) should work ok. I have concert strings on one of my tenors just for the lower tension and I can play for hours on it comfortably. It’s just a tad loose. Tuning up a bit more shouldn’t be a...
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    Gotoh UPT Knockoffs

    They are not identical. I have gotoh upt and have compared them.
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    Gotoh UPT Knockoffs

    I hope this link works as I bought it through their app | Ukulele black and silver upright quasi-button string button Ukulele accessories winder instrument accessories
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    Gotoh UPT Knockoffs

    You can find them on aliexpress. I bought a set but have yet to use them. I have a Pono Soprano that was made in the early years from the factory in china and those tuners aren’t that good so am planning to swap them out.
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    Low G Looking for a flat wound or polished low G thicker than 0.030”

    Thanks. That’s great. Will check it out
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    Low G Looking for a flat wound or polished low G thicker than 0.030”

    I am looking for something thicker than that
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    Low G Looking for a flat wound or polished low G thicker than 0.030”

    Anyone knows of a polished or flat would low G thicker than 0.030”? Or a guitar D string? The next size up seems to be 0.035”, which is a little too thick. Appreciate any info. Thanks
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    Acquired KoAloha tenor scepter

    All sceptres whether from UkeSA or the older koalohas ones were personally made by pops as far as I know.
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    Passive Pickup for Guitalele?

    The pickup ’strip’ sensor for ukes is more than long enough for a 6 string Saddle. If I have to guess I would say the wiring is long enough as well since the RC6 is basically a baritone size body.
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    Acquired KoAloha tenor scepter

    UkeSA has brand new scepters for a little more than what you are asking.
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    Passed on the Revelator for a custom Bruce Wei spalted maple.

    I always like splated wood. It’s interesting that HMS still has 1 revelator after so many weeks. I think they had 2 initially and I thought they would fly off the shelves but it doesn’t seem so.
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    Effect of stiffer strings on tone and volume

    I really like the la bella 2000 strings. They are nylon. If you want a brighter sound the vivace with fluorocarbon strings will be brighter. I don’t really like their rectified nylon strings. whats the scale length of the guitar you are looking at? Sizing varies a lot from brands. Some half...
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    Kanile'a Oha new product line

    Last Week I saw someone playing a Kanilea guitar on IG. I wonder if that’s the one they are talking about
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    Strings Re-entrant Baritone String help, please

    For a baritone 20 inch scale you can just use hard tension classical guitar strings. Plenty of choices out there from nylon to flourocarbon.
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    Strings Re-entrant Baritone String help, please

    You can use the same gauge string as the E string.
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    NUD-Custom Commemorative Ukulele from Pops

    What a story! And what a uke!
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    New Uke Day (NUD) Cocobolo Concert

    Is there much difference in sound between the baritone and the short neck baritone?
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    This is a video about Millar Ukulele

    Wow. Nice video and really impressive playing. I never would have guess that they would build their ukes like a luthier. Especially the neck. It is mostly hand made. By comparison Kanilea uses a lot of machines and CNC.
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    Another cocobolo sale

    Wow that a nice looking cedar top. I am sure it sounds great too