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  1. Sammu

    New Book of Classical Ukulele Arrangements

    Les Productions d'Oz have just published my latest book: From Renaissance to Late Classical - 22 Pieces. The pieces range from easy to advanced and include works by Le Roy, Dowland, Kuffner, Bach, Carulli, Giuliani and more. Here's one of the pieces. Links to the publisher's website are in the...
  2. Sammu

    Flights of the Hummingbirds

    Pamela Shank, one of my Patreon Patrons, sent me one of her compositions. I thought it was such a good piece I recorded it and shared on YouTube. Playing this piece made me reflect on how composing is something players of all levels can do. Initially it just takes a bit of courage and a bit of...
  3. Sammu

    Free Classical Ukulele Tutorial

    Hi Folks! I've been creating some free tutorials on the I Love Classical Ukulele blog. You can download the sheet music which is in tab and staff notation and, where appropriate, chord boxes. It's a difficult time for everyone and I wanted to share some material to help keep people busy and...
  4. Sammu

    Back to Basics: Finger Picking for Ukulele

    I would like share this series of 10 videos which were first uploaded to my Facebook group and are now available on YouTube. The videos are for anyone interested in fingerpicking but particularly for those interested in classical ukulele. There are some general tips on nail care - if you use...
  5. Sammu

    The Rakes of Mallow Tutorial

    I've just posted a new blog tutorial on I Love Classical Ukulele on how to play a fun Irish tune called The Rakes of Mallow. You can download the pdf complete with tab, notation and chords for free via the blog. Right and left hand fingerings included. The tutorial has advice on rhythm & timing...
  6. Sammu

    I Love Classical Ukulele Website

    Fans of classical ukulele might be interested in a new website I've just launched called I Love Classical Ukulele. The aim is to create a showcase of classical ukulele players with links to their websites and social media. It will, I hope, provide a database of classical ukulele arrangements...
  7. Sammu

    Bach Prelude BWV1007

    Hi Folks! This is my arrangement of Bach's beautiful Prelude from the 1st cello suite. For hi-g tuning, in the key of C major. Hope you enjoy it! Sam Sam
  8. Sammu

    Marcha by Candido Drumond - Machete & Guitar

    Fun piece for machete and guitar by Candido Drumond. Played by me (Samantha Muir) and my student Lara. Hope you enjoy!
  9. Sammu

    Rondo Rodeo

    This is my arrangement of Rondo Rodeo composed for guitar by Gary Ryan. A fun piece with lots of extended techniques and farmyard animals! Enjoy!
  10. Sammu

    Taking on the World, Four Strings at a Time

    Dear Fellow Pluckers! Dr Liz Price from the University of Hull in the UK is exploring the ways in which music making might both protect and enhance mental and physical well being. The principal focus of the survey is the ukulele. This is what Dr Liz says about the research project... (Thank You...
  11. Sammu

    The Lion Weeps Tonight

    I've always liked this song and felt moved to make this little arrangement today. A mixture of chords and campanella technique.
  12. Sammu

    Free ebook on right hand technique

    Hi Folks, Some of you might be interested in a FREE ebook I have just completed called The Art of Arpeggios for Ukulele. It is a booklet of 20 exercises for the right hand. A lot of people have asked me about finger style technique so I am offering this booklet for free. Well, there is an option...
  13. Sammu

    Sounds Irish arranged for ukulele

    Thought this might appeal to those honing their finger picking technique. A video tutorial on a simple tune called Sounds Irish with arpeggio accompaniment. Tab and notation included with the video. Works rather nicely as an ensemble piece with melody, arpeggio and chords. I also have a baritone...
  14. Sammu

    Let Me Call You Sweetheart

    When the UOGB launched their Valentines Day Tea Towel printed with the music to Let Me Call You Sweetheart and set the challenge to post your own 30 second version of the song....I found it irresistible. I rearranged George Hinchcliffe's version (or should I say de-arranged!) into a tremolo and...
  15. Sammu

    Happy New Year!

    Wishing you a happy and plucky 2015! Sam
  16. Sammu

    Silent Night played by the Sherborne Ukulele Noodle

    I'm very proud of my ukulele group - The Sherborne Ukulele Noodle - which I only started 8 weeks ago. We have some beginners and some who have been strumming and singing for while and want to do something different. There are 14 members so far - people from all walks of life....plumbers...
  17. Sammu

    C Major Scale Campanella Style with Exercises

    Hi Folks, I'm a big fan of campanella style. I saw in an earlier thread someone asking about some campanella exercises and would like to share the following link to a video tutorial I made on how to play the C major scale in campanella style. There are 2 sheets which go with the video. Sheet 1...
  18. Sammu

    A New Ukulele Group in Sherborne, Dorset?

    Hi Folks, I have decided to take the plunge and start a ukulele group in Sherborne, Dorset. If there are any ukulele players in this area who would like to join please PM me. All levels, including complete beginners, will be welcome. The group will learn basic chords and songs, how to read tabs...
  19. Sammu

    Ukulele Subversion

    Today I committed an act of extreme subversion….Performing a concert of classical guitar music in the Sherborne Abbey Music Festival in Dorset I interrupted the concert to perform a Bach Musette on the ukulele. This was my first serious public performance on the ukulele (my audience included...
  20. Sammu

    Gary Owen

    This is my campanella arrangement of an Irish tune called Gary Owen. Originally a quickstep dance this tune has been used as a marching tune for Bristish, Canadian and American military formations. In 1867 Garyowen was adopted by General Custer's 7th Cavalry Regiment as their official song. Hope...