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  1. anniekate76

    Chord flash cards online

    So I couldn't believe this didn't exist already, but I couldn't find something like this when I went searching. I found some cool print-to-paper flash cards, but nothing that the computer would do for you so you could have your hands free to make the chords. So I made it myself: ukulele chord...
  2. anniekate76

    Come Take A Trip In My Airship

    I finished my Bushman entry! Hooray! Come Take A Trip In My Airship: Rockin' the blue Mahalo!
  3. anniekate76

    OU2E: Fixable by me?

    So I got an Oscar Schmidt OU2E at my local music store and did not notice in the noisy store that there is something NOT QUITE RIGHT about the sound... I thought adding Aquilas would help, and it did, but there's still something's just not fun to play. I keep going back to my blue...
  4. anniekate76

    Video background music

    This is a suggestion about the instructional videos. Thank you very much for providing such a helpful tool! But every video has that background drumbeat. This is very distracting and makes it hard to concentrate on what Aldrine is trying to teach us. It is especially bad when Aldrine is...