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  1. Charles Guy

    Favorite learning resources

    For someone like myself who had zero musical experience Ukestuff's DGBE & GCEA University courses are a great intro to the joy of ukulele playing. Someday I might spend the time to finish either or both courses. But for now they started me playing and I'm learning simple songs from Petey Mack's...
  2. Charles Guy

    Strings Received my Diamond Secure string ties

    Interesting that these are a new version. I really like the ones I put on back in May which are the pebbly soft rubber version. Easy to use, look tidy, haven't had slipping issues when used per instructions. Not sure if they improve tone but they don't hurt it. Only complaint is that...
  3. Charles Guy

    Baritone GCEA Round One

    Update Time Definitely been a good experience with the string change. Spending more practice time using standard gcea resources which is improving my overall playing. Sat down with the Pono baritone last night and it sounds and feels totally different than before which I attribute to the...
  4. Charles Guy

    Setups on new ukes

    Congratulations on your choice. Please share when you receive and get hands on.
  5. Charles Guy

    Ukulele potential

    I can make shortcuts on my iPhone? I never knew.
  6. Charles Guy

    Ukulele potential

    Great post and excellent discussion with commentaries and views I would never have thought of. My simple thought is that like everything else in life there are those who are content to settle at some point in the journey, those who always continue to push forward in a life long quest, those...
  7. Charles Guy

    What are we?

    What is a Ukulele Player? Happy!
  8. Charles Guy

    Setups on new ukes

    No personal experience but I've heard very positive comments about retailer baritone setups from Aloha City Ukes, Mainland Ukes, Uke Republic, and The Ukulele Site. A big part will be communicating what you want setup wise with the person whom you buy from.
  9. Charles Guy

    Search for a baritone….

    Evening and Welcome. Based on my limited experience you might want to spend some time watching video clips and figuring out what sound you want then decide what wood and if all wood or laminate then start thinning the choices by brands/models that meet your other criteria. If at all...
  10. Charles Guy

    Jimmy Buffett, RIP

    Wore out a couple of cassette tapes of the Changes in Latitude album and A1A album. Has this wanna be Cowboy in the Jungle dreaming of a trip to the Banana Republics of years ago.
  11. Charles Guy

    Bang on the Uke All Day

    I play this clip about once a week as I sit here working, thank you once more for sharing. Its bookmarked on my pc.
  12. Charles Guy

    Ukulele Duo "How deep is your love" cover

    Very Nice Indeed Thank you for sharing.
  13. Charles Guy

    For Sale New Oaken Shield tenor ukulele from Dave's Extravagant Ukuleles

    Oak looks nice, would love to hear it played. This one should be named Thorin.
  14. Charles Guy

    Do you use a music stand or something else?

    Just when I thought I had all the accessories. Off to the thrift stores this weekend in search I go.
  15. Charles Guy


    Wow who would have ever thought there would be a shortage of Huy Fong? This stuff was everywhere and cheap not that long ago. Need to check the dark recesses of our cupboards and see if a bottle is hiding back there. There is a brand of sauces named Melinda's that are pretty decent and...
  16. Charles Guy

    Baritone GCEA Round One

    Found a small issue with having the Lava GCEA strings on the Kala baritone. I like it so much that I haven't played the DGBE Pono baritone more than 15 minutes total in the past 10 days.
  17. Charles Guy

    Best sounding cedar tenor uke?

    I've been leaning towards the Ohana tk-50g or ck-50g as my next purchase based on sound samples. Cedar top with solid Rosewood at a good price.
  18. Charles Guy

    Baritone ukulele

    Afternoon Rob, I have been happy with my Kala KA-B since receiving it about 18 months ago. I watched every video on low cost baritones I could find and read reviews before deciding to buy the KA-B from the Duke of Uke which is sadly closed. It has good sound and feel for the price and has...
  19. Charles Guy

    Fake Elderly Site

    Response from the real Elderly. Hi there, Thanks for the heads up! We are monitoring the situation and have reported this website to the appropriate authorities. It seems that it is a slow process, but we're hoping we'll see it shut down soon. We appreciate you letting us know. Thank you,
  20. Charles Guy

    Fake Elderly Site

    will do Sir and thank you for the recommendation