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    For Sale Kanile’a Willie K.

    Not to talk you out of it, but it looks like it still has the original Aquila strings. Maybe if you swap the strings it will become everything you hoped it would be when you bought it.
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    Extra Ticket for 9/23 LA Uke Festival

    Ticket still available! One week to go!
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    Sold Price Reduced: Tenor Fluke, Koa Top, and Pegheds

    Love my fleas! Need another uke like a I need an extra hole in my head, otherwise I’d be all over this one. The neck is comfy too! Good luck with the sale!
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    'Holy Grail' of Ukuleles

    Maybe it should be holy grail builder/model?
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    'Holy Grail' of Ukuleles

    when the student is ready, the teacher appears… or adapted to ukulele, when the player is ready, the grail uke appears… I guess it depends on what you define as the holy grail? Are we talking about Jimmy Hendrix’s guitar here? Or just some super high quality instruments, custom or not? If...
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    Effect of age of solid wood uke on its sound?

    actually, more than opening up, I think strings will make a noticeable difference in sound. What strings did you have on before and what are on the 2002 now? Also, if the 2002 strings are old, just putting new strings on even if they are the same may dramatically change it.
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    Need strap suggestions My favorite strap is Sarah Maisel’s.
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    Extra Ticket for 9/23 LA Uke Festival

    Sigh. I want to go to a UU meet up. Well I only have two kids and they only go off to college once…
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    Extra Ticket for 9/23 LA Uke Festival

    Hi folks, I was super excited to attend the 2023 LA Uke Festival this year. Mitch does a great job and the lineup is incredible! All our faves, Craig, Sarah, Abe, Kalei, Corey, Mika, and so much more. So I bought my ticket. Then the following week, the UC schools announced when move-in dates...
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    Whats the going rate of "ordinary" Moore Bettahs?

    Without really knowing, I think certain ukulele “pals” sell Moore Bettahs in the 10k range and they seem to sell. What the final price is I don’t know. But it’s probably more than you originally paid. I don’t think those ukes go by the list price minus 20% off rule. Even if you were to do...
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    NUD-Custom Commemorative Ukulele from Pops

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    Stay safe, everyone in Maui

    Lahaina Music posted on FB that their store completely burned down. People are safe. So sad. My 100 yr Kamaka came from there
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    Is this nut on backwards?

    If you email Ohana, they may send you a new nut.
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    Is this nut on backwards?

    Are there nut slots for the strings?
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    New Uke Day (NUD) NUD - Oulcraft from Korean Luthier Jungtae Kim

    I have an Oulcraft baritone I bought from Shawn and love it! Congrats!
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    NUD: passion wins! A slow reveal…

    The fretboard inlays are all the same. As far as I know, only Stitch. Only Tenor size. The koa striping and appearance on each model is a little different for each. Each is individually numbered out of 100.
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    NUD: passion wins! A slow reveal…

    This one sort of shows the label. Kamaka in one side, Disney 100 on the other…
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    NUD: passion wins! A slow reveal…

    Thank you (for enabling me and easing my cognitive dissonance)…. Haha!