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  1. bobj

    A question of quality.?.?

    Greetings y'all. I have a question. My first, and only, uke is a Kala flame mahogany (laminate) concert size. It is great for me. Of course I don't know any better, cause I am an isolated newby. When I listen to other uke videos (for instruction or listening pleasure) I notice that my...
  2. bobj

    Jake "trickle-down"

    I was thinking recently about the effect Jake Shimabukuro has on ukulele stuff in general. I know he is part of the reason a lot of us took up the uke. And, of coarse his musical ability is beyond amazing. But I was thinking about his "nice-ness." Ya know; everyone who has ever met him...
  3. bobj

    Here Comes The Sun.... help

    Greetings everyone. As always, thanks for all the great posts all the time. I've been super busy, but I am lurking a little bit everyday. For my 2nd ever song, I wanna learn "Here Comes The Sun." It has to be a fingerpicking style, since I can't sing to save my life. I found Ukulele...
  4. bobj

    Big props to Penguinofsorts!!!

    Big props to Penguinofsorts for holding a really fun contest (Toy Story Uke contest) I may be a bit biased, but even so; she really ran a fun contest. She deserves some congrats, some praise, some good karma thoughts sent her way :-) I am trying to include a pic of me and my daughter with...
  5. bobj

    3 simple? goals today

    Amongst my real-life responsibilities today, I want to figure out: 1. How to put an avatar on my posts. You all have cool little pics. 2. How to post a picture. (you all deserve to see my uke and my daughter and her uke.) 3. How to burn a good quality dvd from a youtube video. So I can...
  6. bobj

    I'm really good!!!

    OK. I've officially had my uke for 1 week now, and I gotta say that I can play all the Aldrine lessons with no problem, and I can play about half of Jake's songs ... Oh Man! No way! Not even in my dreams. But I always wanted to say something like that. The truth is that I can barely...
  7. bobj

    Buckie Shirakata memorial ukulele

    Anyone know the approximate quality and value of a Buckie Shirakata memorial ukulele? (Soprano size, maybe.?.?) The "used stuff" store has one in my town, but I've never heard of it before, and couldn't find info online. Thanks. bobj
  8. bobj

    Nothing new under the sun

    No earth breaking news here, but I gotta post my uke impressions for my first few days. (Kala flame mahogany concert) Total newbie. 1. Love the ukulele. 2. Thank you musicguymike. Your reputation was impeccable, and you didn't disappoint me in any way. Everything was perfect. 3. My...
  9. bobj

    help finding beginner lesson

    Well, I just moved from the "introduction" forum to the "beginner" forum, because my ukulele arrived last night. Woo hoo! Now I really am a noob, with zero ability to make music. ha ha at myself. I am watching music teacher 2010 videos, but I can't find the first lesson, or any list of...
  10. bobj

    Greetings from Japan

    Well, my first ukulele is in the mail, and will arrive any day from Musicguymic. I am 48 y.o. and a total newbie. I had wanted to start a new hobby, and I was under the (now mistaken) notion that learning the ukulele would be fairly easy. Uhh! I think I missed it on that, now that...