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  1. DownUpDave

    Best Strings & Low G string for Carmel Tenor CT103???? Don't like Worth Browns on THIS uke

    Wound low G are brighter or more accurately have a more metallic or chimey tone compared to non-wound. You will want to go brighter on the rest of the set. Try the Oasis "bright" low G set.
  2. DownUpDave

    Beansprout #842- Curly Port Orford Cedar and Poplar Tenor Ukulele

    You should start a thread asking for feedback from Bean Sprout owners. People love to share and it would be valuble or us all.
  3. DownUpDave

    Why buy other than Martin?

    Welcome to the forum and glad you are here. Ukulele players have little to no ego and nothing to prove, it's a fun instrument and we are here to have fun and enjoy each other's point of view and the conversation Congratulations on the new Furch, I will be very interested to hear what you think...
  4. DownUpDave

    Why buy other than Martin?

    If you know the history of Martin you know he came over from Germany in 1833 and started the Martin guitar company. He moved to Nazareth Pennsylvania in 1839 and the company has been there ever since. He developed X bracing which is widely used and the dreadnaught body shape. Arguably the most...
  5. DownUpDave

    Low G Do you low wound G players…

    I am a devoted low G player who uses wound strings for G and C. Even though the wound strings theoretically should become dead sounding sooner (because of crud build up) I change the whole set. I can usually get 8 months or more between sets, even on heavily played ukuleles. Compared to steel...
  6. DownUpDave

    New Uke Day (NUD) NOUD: Return of the Vintage Kamaka Baritone

    Excellent trio of Kamakas in that wonderful picture. I love my Kamaka baritone, many other makes have come and gone, the Kamaka stays.
  7. DownUpDave

    Mahogany or Red Cedar for Low G blues?.

    Mainland pairs their cedar top with rosewood back and sides. This usually gives a more articulate sound with lots of overtones, the opposite of the blues tone you are after. Go with mahogany for a dry woody tone with good fundamentals. Woods do make a difference if you have a tone in your head...
  8. DownUpDave

    New Uke Day (NUD) John S. Kinnard concert

    Patty you did good......really really good. The woods are exquisite especially that maple. I love your description of the sound being both loud if you like but responsive to a soft touch as well. You have a lifetime of enjoyment with both your world class concert ukuleles.
  9. DownUpDave

    String tension

    A low G string tuned to low G has less tension then a high G string. It is tuned one octave lower to G3 instead of G4 which the high G string is tuned to.
  10. DownUpDave

    UAS Cured---Enjoying Uke Much More

    Good on ya Rich and thanks for sharing. I retired about one year ago and am considering down sizing both my ukulele and guitar collections. The trouble is I love the look of beautiful wood so even if I don't play some of them very often I get a thrill just looking at and smelling them. Hi my...
  11. DownUpDave

    NUD: Sort of

    I did leave the steel strings on it. The four remaining strings are DGBE same as a baritone. You can buy ball end nylon strings, capo at the 5th fret will give you GCEA, linear or low G tuning
  12. DownUpDave

    NUD: Sort of

    I did two things when transitioning a guitar to a 4 string instrument. Took some green painters tape and put it over the 6th and 5th string, that way when strummed they were "dead". Next I removed those to strings and left strings 1 - 4 in their original and proper location. This keeps the...
  13. DownUpDave

    Strings Wound C conundrum

    Standard accepted diameter for a wound C string is around .027". The Thomastik CF27 works great especially if you don't want a bright sound
  14. DownUpDave

    NGD - Cordoba Cadete

    That's a great find. I own one and am very happy with it. I bought it used as well but no where near the deal you have. The scale length of 23" is about as short as you can go and still have it sound good tuned E-E. I had a guitarlele with a 21" scale length and no matter how many different...
  15. DownUpDave

    First Guitar

    They are both great guitars, you are doing the right thing by playing both. What ever one feels, sounds and looks the best to you is the one you should pick. Looks play a big role, if you love the way it looks you will want to pick it up and play it. I have the Taylor GS Mini in spruce and...
  16. DownUpDave

    NUD Enya Nova with a twist

    I have a recently purchased Enya Nova soprano and the nut is moulded, it's not seperate and cannot be removed. See attached pictures
  17. DownUpDave

    Modern version of a Favilla Baritone?

    That's a nice instrument at a good price, Ohana are big bang for the buck. I am glad you like it Hodge as your vast experience with a lot of different ukuleles gives credibility to your assessment. I have an old beat up Giannini baritone that I like but I've never played a Favilla though I've...
  18. DownUpDave

    Mainland tenor and Pepe low g strings…

    There is an easy way to test for nut slot width if you have the string at hand. Take a pencil sharpen to a VERY fine point and color in the bottom of the nut slot in question. Take the string and run it back and forth in the nut slot. If the pencil dust is removed from the bottom of the slot...
  19. DownUpDave

    Low G Looking for a flat wound or polished low G thicker than 0.030”

    Oasis has a .033" thickness phosphor bronze they call "warm". The "bright" is .030", I've used both with great success, very similar to the Fremont squeekless. . They can be had individually from Strings by Mail of direct from Oasis
  20. DownUpDave

    Just Made This . . .

    Ok, now that is very cool 😎