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  1. KanePono

    Japanese Aria Guitars

    Don Wilson of the Ventures apparently owned an Aria Acoustic just like the one in the photograph above. I bet that it is a very fine instrument. Indeed it is gorgeous. I suspect that Aria sponsored the Ventures or at least provided them with guitars for product placement. The Ventures were the...
  2. KanePono

    Where did you buy your uke(s)?

    Currently (still) own: Lanikai LM-C ; local seller (Craigslist) he sold refurbished B-Stocks My first Uke Cordoba 32T: Middle C Music, Washington DC Pono Mango Tenor Deluxe: Music Mart Solana Beach, CA Kala KATG: Musical Instrument Center, Tucson, AZ Pono Acacia Baritone Deluxe: Bounty Music...
  3. KanePono

    A guitar player buying their first Ukulele

    I own a Kala KA-TG and I think that it is a very fine ukulele, especially if you are just starting out. It's is an all laminate model but looks beautiful. The construction is outstanding and mine needed no set up. However, I purchased from a local instrument shop, so perhaps they did a little...
  4. KanePono

    "The Point," by Harry Nillson - Really!

    I read that Harry really didn't like to perform live and never toured. This video you shared showed that he really did have the chops for performing live and he left the audience uncomfortable with their emotions at the end. Just superb! Here is an interesting article more about Harry, the...
  5. KanePono

    "The Point," by Harry Nillson - Really!

    You guys sound great! I would have loved to see the entire performance with the narrative. Nilsson's "The Point" has long been one of my favorite albums. It was so innovative for it's time. I put it on cassette and played it for my kid's on road trips. It was a family tradition. Harry Nilsson is...
  6. KanePono

    I am looking for recommended things to do which are ukulele related in Honolulu

    All good suggestions above. The last time I was in Honolulu (Waikiki) there was a Ukulele gathering in the morning (don't remember the day of the week) at the food court of the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center. Other live music venues to explore: The performance plaza on Lewers Street - listen to...
  7. KanePono

    Sold Pono AT Solid Acacia Tenor

    These Pono Acacia Tenors have a nice bright tone. Someone will be very happy to get this fine instrument.
  8. KanePono

    If Hank Williams was Hawaiian

    Love your arrangement with the Hawaiian vamp. Give us more please.
  9. KanePono

    Show off your cheap ukes!

    Luna "Daddy-O" concert uke purchased from Musician's Friend for $50. Just an exercise in design - plywood mahogany box. five piece neck. Aquillas, rough edge frets. But amazingly it played real well, stayed in tune and had acceptable intonation. Came with a case and free shipping too. Gave the...
  10. KanePono

    Baritone tuning

    Coconut Song - A great one chord song
  11. KanePono

    New more affordable Pono model in development ...

    Yes. But some of us buy Ponos because of the thicker neck. My long fingers need something substantial to grab on to.
  12. KanePono

    Pono strings + pickup

    I have the same Pono Mango Tenor in deluxe finish. I've been real happy with fluorocarbon strings. I mostly switch between what is on-line (Worth browns preferred) and what I can pick up at the music shop (usually I go with Martins). I don't care for nylons or Aquila nylgut, and definitely not...
  13. KanePono

    Dimensions for Takamine gut1 Tenor

    The Takamine web site does not provide dimensions but I would expect any Tenor case from Kala, Sweetwater, or Musician's Friend would work just fine. I've played Takamine Guitars for decades but have never seen one of their ukuleles. I've also not seen any discussion of Takamine ukes on this...
  14. KanePono

    First Car

    Living in the USA I've never seen one of these Rovers before. Only Rovers I've seen in the US were the 3500. I've been watching the George Gently TV Series, not only are the stories compelling, the soundtrack entertaining but the older cars from the 1960's are lovely to see. Mostly Rovers and...
  15. KanePono

    Anyone got any tips on supplements, lotions, potions, spells or incantations to help with annoying arthritis in fretting hand?

    Wow, That's dedication right there! Native people I use to work with would make Nettle tea for inflammation. Perhaps a poultice could be made from nettles and used on the affected area. I'll echo the recommendation to seek advice from a trusted physician. My wife recently ended up in the ER and...
  16. KanePono

    Movie suggestions?

    I just watched "The Intern" with Robert De Niro and Ann Hathaway. Very entertaining movie for adults. It's from 2014, but I'm not sure it is available. I saw it on Peacock
  17. KanePono

    Humidify a Ukulele

    I don't know if this will help, but below is a link (if it works) to an article in Ukulele Magazine on ukulele humidification. Mostly it seem to be descriptions of available commercial products with links to sales platforms. I live in Arizona and use a whole house humidifier and sound hole...
  18. KanePono

    an ukulele tribute to some of the music stars we lost in 2022

    Thank you so much for producing this tribute. The artists sang much of the soundtrack of my life and it hurts to lose them. This year Heaven also welcomed my two favorite cowboy singers, song writers and western musicologists Don Edwards and Ian Tyson. Don and Ian were respectively national...
  19. KanePono

    Best singer playing the uke.

    Ingrid Michaelson