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  1. jddennis

    Teaching music for those with learning disabilities

    I've started teaching music lessons, which has been really rewarding! Two of my students have dyslexia, though. I knew about one had it (she's my 12 year old sister), but the ukulele is her second instrument, and she's having no trouble learning. In fact, she shows a lot of talent. I didn't...
  2. jddennis

    Learning and Youtube

    So I helped kick off a ukulele club at my local library last Saturday! It was a lot of fun; we had an enormous turnout and everyone seemed to have a good time. The kicker was that, besides about 4 of the people including myself, no one had ever actually played. :wtf: I was blindsided. I...
  3. jddennis

    Interest Check -- Ukulele group in Northern Maryland

    Hey everyone, I've started going to the Maryland ukulele club. I've also been working with my local library to get a club off the ground, too. We're going to meet on the first Saturday of the month, starting Sept. 3. If anyone is local, please feel free to come over!
  4. jddennis

    Guide fingers in Chords

    Jim Beloff had an excellent article in Ukulele Magazine about using your pinkie in chord formations. He states that it can make changing between different chord forms much easier. One thing I took away from this was the idea not getting locked into using specific fingers for a specific shape...
  5. jddennis

    Hooked on a Feeling

    So, a bit of back story. My wife was gone for work last week, and I wanted to do something special for her. Flowers are out because we have cats, and they have a tendency to destroy plants. So I filmed "Hooked on a Feeling" as a bit of a surprise to post on her Facebook wall. Just thought I'd...
  6. jddennis

    Grip Strips?

    I was looking at the Magic Fluke website, and I saw that they sell grip strips. Apparently, you put them on the back of your ukulele to prevent it from sliding around. Has anyone tried these? If so, do they work as advertised? Also, would...
  7. jddennis

    Starting a Practice Journal

    Ever since my vacation to Hawaii in February/Early March of this year, I've been playing more ukulele. Good stuff, right? But I realized that my playing has been a bit aimless -- just strumming through songs absent-mindedly. I'm having fun, but I don't think I'm getting any better. So I...
  8. jddennis

    Interest Check -- Ukulele group in Northern Maryland

    Hey, everyone. I thought it'd be cool to meet up with some people to play. Maybe on a once-a-month basis. I'm located in Northern Maryland, Harford County area, and was wondering if there was anyone else in this region.
  9. jddennis

    Jake Shimabukuro Concert in Annapolis MD?

    I was wondering if anyone else is planning to go to the Jake Shimabakuro concert in Annapolis in February. My folks got me tickets to go for my birthday, so I'm pretty excited about it. More info about the concert can be found here.
  10. jddennis

    February Album Writing Month

    I was wondering if anyone else has thought about participating in February Album Writing Month? The basic idea of the process is to write fourteen songs in the month of February. It's a great way to take your writing process to another level. I didn't succeed last year due to a huge lack of...