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  1. Lideruke

    NUD (Just a couple weeks late)

    So I've only been lurking every so often on here for the last few months. I took up the acoustic guitar to be better able to play with my brothers who both play guitar as well (classical & electric). I was surprised how quickly NGS took over, and soon had 3 guitars. My interest in the uke...
  2. Lideruke

    Asmus ukes, anybody?

    So Asmus Ukulele Company are newcomers. They sell inexpensive solid ukes, apparently. Anyone have one? Curious for reviews. Thanks!
  3. Lideruke

    Ukulele elbow!?

    So I went to my doctor Friday and was diagnosed with Ukulele Elbow (I don't play tennis)! Who'd a thunk? Anyone else dealing with this? Any suggestions?
  4. Lideruke

    Cajonico! Cajon and bongos in one!

    Pretty cool new instrument. I'm definitely saving up for one of these!
  5. Lideruke

    Quit the uke to take up the guitar?

    I don't like to complain, but I will anyway; I need to be talked down. Months ago, I ordered a bruceweiart, which came with the bridge busted. Then 3 or 4 weeks ago, I discovered my Kelii with a crack that expanded a couple times over an evening. Then, checking my other ukes, I found the not...
  6. Lideruke

    Speaking of Mainland ukes...

    I have a Mainland red cedar soprano and would like to try different strings than the Aquilas it came with. They're sounding a little off now, so it's time for them to go. Any suggestions what strings would compliment the uke best? Thanks!
  7. Lideruke

    New which uke thread!

    Ohana SK35 vs. Ohana SK38 vs. Mainland mahog soprano vs. Mainland mango soprano vs. Pono acacia soprano Clearly, I'm looking for a new soprano uke. I'm considering the above, but can't decide so I'm looking for recommendations. Thanks in advance!
  8. Lideruke

    Sopranos: KoAloha VS. Kamaka

    Hi folks. I have an opportunity to buy a new uke and am stuck between a KoAloha and a Kamaka soprano. I have a concert KoAloha that I love dearly. However, I might be better served with something different from a Kamaka. I've never played a Kamaka so I need some help in making this decision...
  9. Lideruke

    Benefits of ebony fingerboard?

    I'm considering getting for my next uke either a Pono AS or ASD. I prefer the look of the ASD, but it's difficult to justify the extra $100 based on appearance alone. So I think it comes down to the fingerboard. Does ebony make any difference in terms of tone/playability, etc?
  10. Lideruke

    FS: Kanile'a K-3 Concert

    By popular demand, even more photos: @Patrick Madsen: It's not a Uke Crazy case. It's from Guardian. Although not a technically hard case (it's not wooden), its shell is extremely tough and I would put it up against any hard shell case.
  11. Lideruke

    FS: Kanile'a K-3 Concert

    Photos of the case:
  12. Lideruke

    FS: Kanile'a K-3 Concert

    More photos:
  13. Lideruke

    FS: Kanile'a K-3 Concert

    Up for grabs is a rare Kanile'a K-3 concert I bought just 2 months ago. I've just never bonded with it and have 2 other concert ukes. It looks absolutely amazing with their UV finish that seemingly shifts colors. This is completely tricked out with binding and inlay rosette, rounded back and...
  14. Lideruke

    Can anyone identify this uke?

    I don't see a name for it in the description or pics. Anyone know what this is?
  15. Lideruke

    Ukulele Songbooks With Modern Songs

    So there seems to be a bit of a lack of ukulele songbooks featuring more modern songs from a variety of musicians. Daily Ukulele features songs from the 20s thru 60s. But what about the 70s to now? Are there any books you'd recommend? I have the "Ukulele Playlist" series, which I really...
  16. Lideruke

    Trying to sign up for UU+ and failing

    So I decided to sign up for UU+, for the year long. However, after I put in my personal info, I try to hit a button to pay for the subscription and......bupkiss. Nothing. Stays on the same page. Am I doing something wrong?
  17. Lideruke


    I've been daydreaming again of owning some of these, even one of these: They're called hanghang, a relatively new instrument out of Switzerland. Extremely difficult to get and very expensive. Other companies in other countries have made similar instruments, known generally as handpans...
  18. Lideruke

    What's wrong with my uke?

    So, I have concert Kanile'a. I got it a week or so ago. It's absolutely beautiful. Best looking uke I've ever seen. However, the C string is garbage. It buzzes and sounds dull with little sustain. I contacted the manufacturer, and they sent out a couple replacement C strings. But...
  19. Lideruke

    New strings for concert Kanile'a?

    I recently purchased a concert Kanile'a but need to get new strings for it. It has stock Aquila. I know they've switched recently to D'addario, but is this the best match? What are your opinions and why? Thanks