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    Maui ukulele fest Oct 13

    Maui ukulele festival is this Sunday, Oct 13, at the MACC are you going? I'll be there. And I plan on going to Roy Sakuma's workshop on Saturday. It will be great fun. Hope to see you there.
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    WTB: Martin Baritone

    Aloha, I am looking to buy a Martin Baritone. If you have one you don't use much, and you have been thinking of selling it let me know. I know there is one in the marketplace, put the seller is new to UU and he has not followed the posting rules, so i am very cautious about purchasing from...
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    ? Value of Martin Baritone ?

    I have a friend that is selling his Martin Baritone. It's a late 50's early 60's vintage. It's been played, and has a nice sound. It has normal wear and tear for a 50-55 year old instrument. I did not see any repair marks, and the neck looked straight. I do no know much about them. I was...
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    Compass Rose and Aquila Red

    I thought i should pass on a find, it might help a fellow UUer. I have a Compass Rose Concert, it's a spruce top with cherry back and sides. I got it from Rick's shop in February 2012. Ever since it came the tone just wasn't quite there. I knew it could/should be better. So, i experimented...
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    Going to Merrie Monarch, Hilo, Hawaii

    Aloha - Tuesday (2nd) to Saturday (April 6), Angie (the wife) and i are going to Hilo for the Merrie Monarch hula fest. Do you have any suggestions on ukulele related things to see or do while we are there? We planning to check out the Uncle Roberts farmers market on Wednesday evening, i've...
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    Country Roads Tabs? Rhythm and Melody

    Aloha Does anyone have the Rhythm and Melody tabs for John Denver's Country Roads? I had to fly back East last week to West Virginia to assist my mom with the legal and emotional aspects of my step father passing. He was 97, he had a wonderful life, so no sadness. In the evenings i would...
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    CrossRock Fiberglass uke case ?

    Has anyone tried out one of these, CrossRock ukulele cases? Here's a link to the ones at Elderly The reason I'm asking is i would like something relatively bombproof for my Kanilea that has a shoulder strap. The CrossRock also has an internal...
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    Maui Uke Fest

    Aloha Andrew and Mahalo. I went to the Maui Ukulele Festival today. I really enjoyed it. I got up on stage with Roy Sakuma's beginner class from yesterday's intro to uke class, and we played Mustang Sally and Roy's own creation "I am what I am" (a fabulous self confidence inspiring song)...
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    way out places to play - Salt Flats

    I helped on the build of a car, fuselage/body and random mechanical build help, and then we took the car to Booneville, and that car holds several records in the Lakester (open wheel) class. You probably saw it, 77 driven by the Hammonds. I didnt go this year. maybe next year, we will go even...
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    Looking for Mya Moe So. Calif

    Hi, I looking for a kind soul that would let me listen and maybe play their Mya Moe in the Southern or Central California area. I'm in Santa Barbara, and I have been thinking about ordering. But I wanted to see and especially hear one in person. I've watched all the videos, and listened to the...
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    UOGB coming to Santa Barbara, CA Apr 2013

    FYI the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain is coming to Santa Babara, California, April 9, 2013. It's a long ways off from now, but I'm excited. I love those guys and gals.
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    Looking for tabs "I left my heart in San Francisco"

    Does anyone have the tabs for Tony Bennet's "I left my heart in San Francisco"? If so please forward, or post a link. Mahalo
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    My Fat Bottomed Girl - Compass Rose

    Bob Meyers and i have been talking behind the scenes. Both of us have been eagering waiting for our Compass Rose ukuleles. And i am not for showing off or "look what i got", but i do read the UU forum religiously, and i appreciate when other UUers post their ukuleles and show pictures. I...
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    Just bought a Fluke

    Angie and i are buying a condo in Maui, as a rental and vacation home. And i thought it would be nice if we had a ukulele available for our rental guests. I'll leave some basic instructions, some tabs, a snark tuner, and the guests can check out the wonderful world we have all come to love...
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    WTB: Amp - Suggestions

    My Eleuke Peanut is coming to me soon. My main reason for the Eleuke peanut is for quiet time type playing late at night with headphones plugged in. But i am also considering a Roland Mobile Cube, for the peanut and for future electrified uses. I don't play for anyone but myself and have no...
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    Strings Fremont and Aquila String Comparison

    I like the Fremont on these two recordings. the sound was crisper. And I am a big fan of aquila's. All of my uke's have Aquilas. Well, the next order for strings will include a few sets of Fremont Blacklines. Good job thanks for the audios. I've tried many different types of strings, and i...
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    Maui uke teacher?

    I'm on Maui, could someone recommend a ukulele instructor? I would like to take a couple of lessons while I'm here. I've been playing for a year. Getting a lesson always inspires me and helps me get up to that next rung on the learning ladder. Mahalo
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    WTB - Kamaka tenor 8 string

    I thought I would throw this out to the UU family and see what you thought, good or bad. First off I have UAS. I have a soprano Kamaka that I love. And I've been thinking about a tenor, but was considering the 8 string for it's unique sound. But it's a lot of money and I would like to play one...