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  1. socal16

    Great historical ukulele quotes

    Dirty Harry to his luthier… “go ahead, make my uke”
  2. socal16

    Soprano, Concert, Tenor, Baritone: When/How Did You Know?

    I have a “long neck soprano” that I really like a lot. It has that soprano sound with a more comfortable fret board. This one is a solid ‘hog Ohana that was reasonably priced and well set up from Mim. I believe you’d like it.
  3. socal16

    More Mods! Welcome to @ploverwing and @Arcy!

    I haven’t posted too much over the years but I enjoy reading the threads. Hats off to these fine volunteers who will keep this forum engaging and informative. After all, we all love this fun little instrument and there is always something new to learn!
  4. socal16

    What do you play when 1st asked

    Something dark like Sister Morphine or Black Peter (they’d never ask again). For a child I’d play Going to the Hukilau.
  5. socal16

    Bore oil for fretboards

    Wait until you hear me play, then recommend gasoline!
  6. socal16

    Early baritones who made what and when?

    My mother took me to the music store (ca. 1960) when I was 11 y.o. and bought me a baritone uke. I think it was meant to be a starter instrument for guitar. Years later I traded it for a guitar (mistake!) and I’ve always wondered what uke it was.
  7. socal16

    Location, please

    Tap on your avatar on the top line, account details, location
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    Location, please

    I like to know where people are from yet most members don’t put a location in their account info. I’m from beautiful Altadena California in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains near the Rose Bowl. Don’t you want to know where people are located? Doug
  9. socal16

    How to not get ripped-off in a ukulele buying transaction

    I recently listed a uke on UU and the potential buyer had just joined UU five hours earlier! Needless to say I was skeptical to say the least. She was in NY and I’m in CA. It turns out her bf is in LA and we met in person for the cash transaction and all went well.
  10. socal16

    Ahhh, Those Dodgers

    Well, I’ve read all the stories in the LA Times this morning to complete my depression. This series was the sorriest display of non-baseball by the Dodgers… ever. This may be sour grapes but…. Gooo Phillies!
  11. socal16

    Ahhh, Those Dodgers

    That was a tough loss to say the least… to the padres… how low can you go 😩
  12. socal16

    Ahhh, Those Dodgers

    This is looking pretty grim. These are the guys that averaged over a 5 runs a game.
  13. socal16

    Ahhh, Those Dodgers

    I was watching the game on tv…. Very surreal.
  14. socal16

    Ahhh, Those Dodgers

    I don’t feel too good about the Astros cheating the Dodgers out of a World Series! I’ll always hate those cheaters.
  15. socal16

    Ahhh, Those Dodgers

    I forgot about home field advantage 🤓 Remember the earthquake at candlestick during the World Series?
  16. socal16

    Ahhh, Those Dodgers

    One of the toughest calls is the check swing… just ask a Giants fan. One bad call ended their season…I still get a little smile on my face.
  17. socal16

    Ahhh, Those Dodgers

    It is certainly possible when the Dodgers win the next two. 🤞🏻
  18. socal16

    Ahhh, Those Dodgers

    We have to win tomorrow!! Need offense badly. Go Dodgers!!!!!!
  19. socal16

    This or That?

    Shepard but Standard Poodles are best by far. Soprano or tenor
  20. socal16

    Ahhh, Those Dodgers

    Ummmm not buying it. (Hope I don’t eat my words)