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  1. MickeyD

    FS Washburn Bass OUB800K

    A few more pics.
  2. MickeyD

    FS Washburn Bass OUB800K

    I bought this Oscar Schmidt Comfort Bass (OUB800K) a few years ago, and I have once again reinforced the fact that I am not a bass player, so I'd like someone else to have it. Has been played less than 10 hours, which is a shame. Flame maple top, back, and sides. Washburn electronics, cutaway...
  3. MickeyD

    Mainland Red Cedar Tenor

    More pics - including chip
  4. MickeyD

    Mainland Red Cedar Tenor

    It is with mixed emotions that I put this Mainland Red Cedar Tenor up for sale but, thinning the herd. I got it from a trade on UU last August. The previous owner bought it as a second direct from Mainland. The only defect is a little nick in the finish on the back (pictured). There are regular...
  5. MickeyD

    Liking my Outdoor Ukulele - want another

    My wonderful wife bought me an Outdoor Tenor Ukulele for x-mas, and while I haven't done a NUD it, perhaps this will partially be that. My conclusion seems to be similar to many reviews I've seen floating around. I quite like the way it plays, it feels very sturdy, and I actually do dig the...
  6. MickeyD

    2 Sets of Strings

    I've got 2 unopened sets of GHS H-T20 ukulele strings to give away. They are for tenor scale and have a wound C. I don't like the high tension feel of them, but I'm sure someone will! My contest will be for contestants to tell me what model ukulele you will try them on. I know, I know. I'm...
  7. MickeyD


    I dropped my "travel" uke on my pedal board - the metal was not good for it...still plays just fine and doesn't look like it will spread, but still...noooooooooo!!!!!
  8. MickeyD

    FT/FS: Breedlove Masterclass Koa Tenor Ukulele

    Few more pictures
  9. MickeyD

    FT/FS: Breedlove Masterclass Koa Tenor Ukulele

    Price drop - Started @ 1500 - Now $1200!! Listed for trade or sale is my Breedlove Masterclass Koa Tenor Ukulele. Below are a few links to previous product listing for all of the specifics. This is a beautiful, well made instrument but it doesn’t get played enough. This Breedlove does not...
  10. MickeyD

    WTT my Harmony Baritone

    Couple more pictures Tuners are pretty good - no slipping!
  11. MickeyD

    WTT my Harmony Baritone

    Putting this out there to see if anyone's interested in trading another baritone ukulele for this Harmony. Comes with chipboard case (hinges are broken on the case). Sounds really nice, but the action is high and could probably use some work (as well as a new set of strings). I'd be willing to...
  12. MickeyD

    FT Kala KA-SSTU-T Travel Tenor

    A couple more pictures.
  13. MickeyD

    FT Kala KA-SSTU-T Travel Tenor

    I thought that this Kala KA-SSTU-T would be a great travel uke, but I can’t get past the shallow depth of the body. Ukes really aren’t that big anyways so when I can bring a tenor on my travels I’m just going to bring a full sized one. I purchased this a bit over a year ago from HMS, and it...
  14. MickeyD

    Breedlove Koa Masterclass

    My fanciest (ie- priciest) uke (and instrument for that matter) is my Breedlove Masterclass Koa Tenor. I love the tone - it’s clear, has great bass and treble, and projects well without any harshness. It is without a doubt the best sounding uke I own. When being held, it also feels more...
  15. MickeyD

    Jurassic Park Instrumental

    I've recorded a version that I'm much happier with, but without video. It seems being a bit hung over in paradise makes my tempo go all over the place! Anyways, here's a much better version, if'n you feel like listening! Jurassic Park Ukulele
  16. MickeyD

    Presonus Prime

    I haven't seen this discussed so I'll throw it out there. Presonus is offering a completely free version of their DAW, Prime, and I quite like it. It's got a fairly large number of virtual instruments. You can add/record unlimited tracks, but you are limited to 2 simultaneous tracks while...
  17. MickeyD

    Jurassic Park Instrumental

    Okaaaay…Here goes. I’ve been working on an arrangement of the Jurassic Park theme for some time. In the past few months I haven’t been able to play ukulele as much as I’ve wanted (playing guitar in a couple of projects for the time being that require my attention) but I wanted to lay down a...
  18. MickeyD

    I Bought A New Ukulele

    Saw this online and it cracked me up, thought I'd pass it along to anyone that hadn't seen it. Hope you enjoy!
  19. MickeyD

    Everyone's a wise guy.

    When I saw that comment I thought about these pictures, even though they aren't fish.