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  1. lakesideglenn

    Price Drop Mint Early 70's Giannini Baritone Ukulele

    I’m not really a baritone guy, but I’ve heard good things about these. Is this a solid or laminated top? I read somewhere they made them both ways.
  2. lakesideglenn

    SOTU 603: Speed!

    Holy Moly! That song has more words than all of the songs I know combined together!
  3. lakesideglenn

    1.5” nut.

    Oops! Thanks for that
  4. lakesideglenn

    1.5” nut.

    I believe Peter Hearney‘s Pohaku brand ukuleles have an inch and a half nut width, and they are wonderful quality instruments made by a master craftsman. Check out his website:
  5. lakesideglenn

    Jimmy Buffett, RIP

    RIP Jimmy! Alas, another one bites the dust…who’s next?
  6. lakesideglenn

    Vintage Baritones, Favilla vs Harmany/Silvertone vs Vega/Auther Godfrey

    Great comparison👍 I like the Favilla the best, but please! Get those top cracks taken care of! Cheers!
  7. lakesideglenn

    For Sale New "Cat's Eye" concert ukulele from Dave's Extravagant Ukuleles

    Hi there Dave, I love your design philosophy but some more details about the wood and the build would be great. And a sound sample would be very much appreciated by other potential buyers like myself. This is a really great forum in many ways, and most buyers here know their stuff and want the...
  8. lakesideglenn

    First Guitar

    Another vote for the GS mini. Get the mini-e if you can. They have the factory Taylor electronics. I got a mini-e in mahogany when they first came out. Sweet guitar!
  9. lakesideglenn

    Why Vintage?

    I have a bunch of vintage stuff and I agree with all you guys in expressing the magic that some vintage instruments possess … they are the ones that you pick up, strum a few chords, and go “Whoa…that sound!” even though it may need minor/major repairs and setup. The quality and types of wood...
  10. lakesideglenn

    The Way You Do the Things You Do

    Hey John, I really liked that one! Nothing fancy but you kept the rhythm near perfect and the key fits your voice. Well done sir 👍 Great song! Motown never ever gets old! Cheers!
  11. lakesideglenn

    Tommy Rodriguez ukulele

    Yep that’s the one. Yours looks sweet as well!
  12. lakesideglenn

    Best sounding cedar tenor uke?

    I have this one:
  13. lakesideglenn

    Tommy Rodriguez ukulele

    Thanks for posting this Jon. I fell in love with this uke way back when watching your “stack of songs” and had to have it when it became available. I haven’t played it in quite some time…think I’ll get it out and reconnect later today. Maybe do something for the seasons of the uke, haven’t done...
  14. lakesideglenn

    Tommy Rodriguez ukulele

    Here ya go. It’s the one in the middle between the King and the Frisco
  15. lakesideglenn

    Tommy Rodriguez ukulele

    Well I’ve got one and it is superb in all ways! Made with wood from a very old piano. I’m the 3rd owner and the 1st owner was our very own Jon Duncan. I will try and get a picture up when I get home later tonight.
  16. lakesideglenn

    "The Point," by Harry Nillson - Really!

    Love it Yukio….so that’s what a metronome is for!
  17. lakesideglenn

    Sold SOLD Collings UC2 Concert Ukulele

    Atta boy Jon! Cheers!
  18. lakesideglenn

    Wanted Tenor Hardshell Case

    Check out Butler music or Sweetwater. And probably get a good deal with free shipping.
  19. lakesideglenn

    Sold SOLD Collings UC2 Concert Ukulele

    I hope this works out for you Jon…it’s a beauty! The seller lives less than 2 hours from me…thank heavens my UAS is strongly in remission and under control…..if there is such a thing Cheers!
  20. lakesideglenn

    Please, somebody buy this

    Wow…that sunburst prototype is just stunning! I want it! I also really like the used UT1K. If only…Cheers!