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  1. Kenn2018

    Hey everyone , Im Bo . Im new here .

    Welcome to the UU Forum Bonacy. You're off to a flying start! Enjoy your ukes and have fun!
  2. Kenn2018

    New Here

    Welcome to the UU Forum Reddak98. Enjoy your ukulele. I think your hands will find it much easier on them.
  3. Kenn2018

    New Uke player, but old seasoned musician / Soundcloud link

    Hi Tactical Uke. Welcome to the UU Forum. Nice recordings. I'll return your greetings from the State of Wisconsin in the US of A. Glad you are having fun with your ukes.
  4. Kenn2018

    Hello From Cornwall.

    Be aware of your bridge's position on the banjolele head. It's a good idea to mark it with a pencil for a fast check. I'd recommend that you treat your Banjolele like a standard concert uke and learn chord shapes & frets. Get your chord changes down. Do exercises for finger placement and...
  5. Kenn2018

    Brand New!

    Your progress will accelerate quite a bit if you try to add play/practice 5 or 10 minutes a day, in addition to the hour a week routine. If nothing else, it helps to bed in the muscle memory in your hands and arms. Enjoy your ukulele.
  6. Kenn2018

    NewBie questions

    Fretboards and some bridges are bare wood, unfinished parts on a ukulele. A small amount of oil should be applied to both to prevent them from drying out. Treating them about once a year is often recommended. I like MusicNomad's F-One oil does a good job of cleaning and conditioning the wood...
  7. Kenn2018

    Strings Received my Diamond Secure string ties

    My understanding is that the Ukulele version of the Diamond Secure String Ties are a lower profile design than the guitar ties.
  8. Kenn2018

    Hi uke friends:)

    Hi WDNT, welcome to the UU Forum! Glad that you found the ukulele and found that it's a good instrument to write your music. Looking forward to hearing it.
  9. Kenn2018

    Tenor Uke in Maryland

    Hi westbrown. Welcome to the UU Forum. Glad you found the site and you'll be able to find answers for your tenor uke when you need them. Enjoy.
  10. Kenn2018


    Welcome to the UU Forum Todd. Ko'Aloha's "Better than the Weather" Customer Service is legendary. Terrific people. You've had quite the journey to the Uke Universe. I'm glad that your injury allows yo to play ukulele. It's an amazing and very versatile instrument. Have fun with your...
  11. Kenn2018

    New Uke Day (NUD) NOUD: Return of the Vintage Kamaka Baritone

    What was your Bari in to have fixed? Or was it just a spruce up?
  12. Kenn2018

    Oahu Trip 2023 Experiences - UPDATE: with pics!

    Lovely trip. But, you forgot the most important part—what was the outcome of your baritone repairs? Did Kamaka do a good job? Did you have it modified to more recent specs, or was it a restoration to its original form? Did they go over everything with you and explain what they did? Pins and...
  13. Kenn2018

    Low G Do you low wound G players…

    I always disliked wound Low-G strings. But I was a strummer. I found that they just overpowered the other strings. Now that I'm starting to finger pick, badly, I find that I quite like the sound of some wound G & C strings on certain tenors. So far, I haven't put enough time on any of the...
  14. Kenn2018

    What a difference a minute makes

    I almost always go for the "Buy It Now" price if it's something I really want. That's my measure of what it's worth to me. I have occasionally placed a "What the Heck" bid for an item with a max limit and rarely have I been the winning bidder. I don't stress about it. Though I have wound up...
  15. Kenn2018

    Update on Kala new design The Revelator

    Often, it is the execution of the idea that makes the difference. I followed with great interest your posts Pete on FaceBook while you were refining the design and having various artists try it out and give you their impressions. I was bowled over. The Revelator sounds great and looks even...
  16. Kenn2018

    Rebel or KoAloha? Gloss or Matte finish?

    The only Kala I have owned was a Kala Elite Custom Spruce/Myrtle tenor. So, I can't comment on any of the other models. At present I own a 2020 The Rebel Mango Tenor Double Creme Matte 1-Series, which is really more of a satin finish I used to won an 2019 Ko'Aloha Opio KTO-10S Spruce/Acacia...
  17. Kenn2018

    Hello! Donna from UKE Republic here.

    Hi Donna, Welcome to the UU Forum. We're thrilled to have you as a part of our community. It's a fun place to hang out and enjoy the ukulele universe. You and your company have been big contributors to spreading the joy of ukes. Thank you. Enjoy the Forum.
  18. Kenn2018

    Another newbie

    Welcome to the UU Forum ConnemaraFarm. For a while, I found myself working harder in retirement than I had before. Does your farm have animals, or are you leasing out the fields and just restoring the buildings? Either way, it's a big task. Glad you are finally able to start learning to play...
  19. Kenn2018

    Flat Fret Board or Radius

    It never made much difference to me. Some radiused boards were easy to play, some not as easy. Some flat boards were easy, some not so much. Even with the same string heights, but with different neck profiles. In general, as I turn 73 on Friday, I find my hand gets tired quicker when I play a...
  20. Kenn2018

    John S. Kinnard Legacy Series

    I believe the legacy series instruments are his very personal expressions of art in instruments he creates solely to satisfy whatever inspiration strikes him.