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  1. Joe Strummer

    Four-String Guitar

    How does the string spacing compare between a typical guitar, tenor guitar, and uke?
  2. Joe Strummer

    1.5” nut.

    String spacing is more important than nut width. Koalaoha has edge binding that adds extra width outside the strings. Martin tenors have very narrow nuts, but the strings are closer to the edges. So, the spacing is exactly the same as Koaloha. You might look for a uke that has similar...
  3. Joe Strummer

    1.5” nut.

    That’s narrower than most ukuleles. Most Kalas have 1.375” nuts. 1.5” nuts are considered spacious for ukuleles.
  4. Joe Strummer

    Playing Pain-free

    Those stretches are different than what I’ve tried before. They have given me some relief. Thanks for sharing them.
  5. Joe Strummer

    Playing Pain-free

    You might also find this gyro ball helpful. It seemed like a gimmick at first, but it’s helping me when stretching hasn’t.
  6. Joe Strummer

    Nail filing convert?

    I like some sort of coarser file for shaping once per week. Then I quickly sand my nails with a narrow strip of 500 grit sandpaper each day before playing. The sandpaper wears down, so you have sections with less grit for buffing. This fixes the little nicks you get throughout the day.
  7. Joe Strummer

    Cheap resonator upgrades

    I decided to go a different route and ordered an Outdoor banjolele. It should have the extra volume and twang I was seeking.
  8. Joe Strummer

    Cheap resonator upgrades

    I read that most of the resonator sound comes from the cone. So, would it be possible to convert a Kala, Gretsch, Soundsmith, or etc into a much better instrument by replacing the cone? Are there other good options for cones besides National?
  9. Joe Strummer

    Firefly banjo?

    FYI, I found out from magic fluke that that the spacing between strings 1-4 on the 5 string banjo is a bit less than 1 inch. The tenor banjo uke is 1.25 inches/32mm. So, the banjo spacing is pretty tight.
  10. Joe Strummer

    Firefly banjo?

    I was looking at the tenor banjolele and noticed they also had a 5 string banjo. I was wondering if there was a way to use the banjo as an ukulele by tuning the first string up to an E. Then, just use the top 4 strings like a baritone uke. Seems like it could be 2 instruments for the price...
  11. Joe Strummer


    You know, I regret being the first to bring up a contentious topic. Let’s keep the discussion about ukes.
  12. Joe Strummer


    I went to a farmer’s market yesterday, and some dude was hanging out in the parking lot with a guitar, mic, and amp. The problem was that there was an official musician playing the event. The busker was heckling him over the amp and going on strange rants about stolen valor. Unfortunately...
  13. Joe Strummer


    My namesake has this story about fighting the law: .
  14. Joe Strummer


    Recently discovered metronomes are good for more than keeping time. They’re a great tool for the final push to get a piece ready for performance. Slow it down until you can get through the whole piece without errors or hesitations. Gradually speed it up to performance tempo.
  15. Joe Strummer

    Roadie 3 tuner

    I like using a conventional tuner and my ears to make fine adjustments. Even temperament is not perfect, and sometimes you have to make adjustments for notes further up the neck.
  16. Joe Strummer

    Hawaii Ukulele Festival this Sunday

    Makes me wonder why Ukulele Festival Hawaii was discontinued after Craig and Sarah moved back to lead it.
  17. Joe Strummer

    Violin construction ukulele

    Does it have a sound peg linking the soundboard and back like a violin?
  18. Joe Strummer


    I’ve got a Bonanza mahogany tenor that I’ve been meaning to sell: The nut is 1.5” wide. Let me know if interested. I have a Martin T1 too, but the nut is pretty narrow. The string spacing is the same as a Koaloha, however.
  19. Joe Strummer

    5 evenly spaced strings

    That is a cool mod for a guitalele.
  20. Joe Strummer

    Clawhammer thumb pain

    That’s exactly the technique I was using with my index finger. Maybe I’ll try the middle finger to reduce the thumb extension. I suppose the same sort of rhythms could be played with 3 finger technique, though not technically correct.