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  1. VioletLotus

    Preferences for Reentrant dGBE Tuning

    I recently put baritone strings on my Islander tenor. I absolutely love the sound and it has much deeper resonance. It allows me much more vocal range for my deeper than average female voice. The only thing I’m iffy about is the wound strings. eta: mine has a solid acacia top
  2. VioletLotus

    String winders

    On my Islander tenor I put the Pepe Romero baby baritone strings. On the Pono concert went a bright low G Oasis set. I'm utterly fascinated with the different sound and range so far. And it's amazing how much more sustain goes through these instruments now, it's amazing. Is your low G a...
  3. VioletLotus

    My Current "Workbooks"

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I enjoy hearing about other people's processes and learnings. I'm definitely going to check out Lara Markowitz - hadn't heard of her. I've been winging it since I picked the uke back up in February after a hiatus of several years. A few years before that...
  4. VioletLotus

    new snark tuners

    I've always wondered why people leave their tuners on their headstocks. It bugs me if I leave mine on. Good to know another reason to take it off, other than it looking tacky. Silicone degrades with oil Our hands have natural oils. If the silicone isn't cleaned each time, the oils will...
  5. VioletLotus

    String winders

    I just changed my strings for the first time (on 2 ukes actually, woohoo!), and got a cheapie string winder to do it. While I was grateful for it making the job somewhat easier, it kept shifting around and clanking into the other pegs which had me feeling more reluctant to using it as I...
  6. VioletLotus

    Demo- Pono Baby Baritone

    I just got my Pepe Romero baby bari strings. (stringsbymail is super quick, wow!) Is this two sets that you cut in half, or just one set?
  7. VioletLotus

    Weird Ukulele

    This is so cool! I love it when people utilize the gifts nature and time have provided, rather than trying to make everything look new and perfect by killing more trees.
  8. VioletLotus

    SOLD: Variety of sub-short scale (22"+ to 24") basses.

    Oh wow. This is so tempting, I’ve been thinking about how fun it could be to run some bass lines. Never played a bass before though! 🙃
  9. VioletLotus

    Demo- Pono Baby Baritone

    Thank you! I'm so excited to try out this lower range - even more excited to hear it won't require minor surgery.
  10. VioletLotus

    Anyone ever bought a uke from Luis Pilarte?

    Hope y'all don't mind me reviving this old thread. Curious to hear if anyone's opinion has evolved about Luis Pilarte? The other day I was admiring the photos of one he posted on Facebook; out of curiosity I asked the price and he insisted on telling me via messenger. I find it strange that he...
  11. VioletLotus

    Demo- Pono Baby Baritone

    Thanks for posting this! I just got an Islander AT-CUT expressly for the purpose of fitting it out with baby baritone strings. Did you need to do any modifications to the nut for the strings to fit?
  12. VioletLotus

    Please, somebody buy this

    WHOA. There aren't many ukes I'd lay down $1800 for (if I HAD that for spare change, but that's another story, ha!), but that is some art! I wonder if it sounds as good as it looks!
  13. VioletLotus

    [cover] sweet pea / Amos Lee

    Beautiful! I like when you show your playing in the video.
  14. VioletLotus

    What technique should i learn: clawhammer, fingerpicking / fingerstyle, or just stick to my thumb?

    I had been wondering the same myself. What I’ve realized recently is that if there’s something I’m practicing, I’m much more motivated if it’s a song I really want to play (and sing). In the past I’ve halfheartedly taken a few “lessons” on YouTube, and done drills with banjo rolls and...
  15. VioletLotus

    Just read a free ebook - "Practice like this"

    Thank you for sharing this! Here is an EPUB conversion for anyone who wants to email it to their Kindle.
  16. VioletLotus

    Upgrade for a beginner and some questions

    Thanks y'all for your input and encouraging words. Here's the update: I really enjoyed the amplified tone of the Martin and played it for a few weeks, but kept noticing things I didn't like (cheap crappy tuning pegs, sharp nut), so I decided to take it back (the return policy is one of the few...
  17. VioletLotus

    New Martins vs Old Martins

    Makes me want to write a story about modern day sleeping beauty pricking her finger on a sharp edged Martin.
  18. VioletLotus

    does anyone have clips of matlock playing the uke?

    I’m so glad you did 😀
  19. VioletLotus

    New Martins vs Old Martins

    I had a new (used) Martin that I purchased and played for a couple of weeks. Recently I also had the opportunity to play an older Martin. They both had really lovely sound and were quite loud for their size. The older Martin was more visuallly appealing, the wood looked like better quality, less...
  20. VioletLotus

    Snail S10C Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

    I really enjoy and appreciate your reviews!